Axis and Allies 1914: Albania

is a strategic territory for the Allied powers.  It opens up a new front helping to support the Russian Empire and a thorn to the Ottoman.  A candidate for U.S. landing zone, we take a closer inspection within Axis and Allies 1914.

Albania, minor aligned power to Italy.
IPC value of 2
Adjacent to sea-zone 17.   Sea mines present from ally Rome.
Borders Trieste, Serbia, and neutral Greece.

Historical background
Soon after taking the throne, Prince William’s reign was short and tumultuous.   Austria-Hungary demanded Albania join the Central Powers by sending troops.  When Prince William declined siting neutrality, Austria-Hungary suspended monetary aid.   With a civil war breaking out and Greece occupying southern Albania, Prince William went into exile.

Much of Albania was occupied during early World War I by Italy, Serbia, and Bulgaria.   With their nation at the brink of insignificance, a secret Treaty of London promised land to Italy if they entered the war against the Central Powers.  The treaty left a tiny Albanian state that would be represented by Italy in its relations with the other major powers.

Axis and Allies 1914 strategy
Italy benefits early if they send an emissary to Albania to quickly raise an artillery unit and 3 infantry.  The 2 IPCs may not be enjoyed long, but new reinforcements raised are priced too cheap to ignore.  Reinforcements can be sent into or from Serbia to form a pocket of resistance forcing the Central Powers to open up a new front.  It may defer Austrian forces otherwise headed to Venice or Russia.  It also gives the Ottoman something else to think about if the British have ideas of serious investments from India.

Albania is also a strategic option for the United States as a landing zone.  It is two rounds distance from their home shores.  Albania may be a friendly zone, free of mines, and deadly resistance that would be expected in Trieste.  Keeping Albania may be difficult.  The Ottomans and Austria won’t tolerate a U.S. presence and nor should they.  An established U.S. juggernaut is not something the Central powers want too close to their capitals.

Greece, if still neutral, is a tempting target.  Both powers see Greece has a ripe opportunity to open up the coast and generate new IPC.  Any strategy to widen the war should not be taken lightly.  The Allies should take caution weakening their positions from Albania to take and hold Greece.  Having an amphibious zone that is not Trieste is essential.  Losing Albania for Greece (and losing it too), makes a long and troublesome war.  Something the Central powers hope for.

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