Dungeons and Dragons: Dwarf

The Dwarf

As seen in both The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies, we take a closer look how this entry contributed, or sometimes not, our D&D adventures.   From Monster Manual I, it is the Dwarf.

“[Dwarves] live no less than 300 years on the average.”

If you read the manual for the first time after watching both trilogies.  You’ll wonder if the entry was inspired in any way with the Tolkien’s novels.  While there is some detail about how they look, much of the entry is devoted describing their rank and file.

There is one paragraph not to overlook.   Dwarves have “great hatred of goblins, orcs, and hobgoblins” gaining bonuses on dice rolls.  They benefit defensively against large beasts, specifically ogres, trolls and giants.  Watching Thorin Oakenshield in battle on film begins to make more sense as if the Monster Manual rules applies to him.

I have yet to rediscover the inspiration I long held that Dwarves loved a hammer as much as they wanted to be hammered, with a mug of ale.  If they’re not killing their game, they’re eating it.  As defined, Dwarves were lawful good and not making many important appearances in my adventures reserved for antagonists.  Dwarves do make great NPCs.  They’re fun and out of the ordinary, gives your party that needed diversity and originality.  They’re dedicated, determined, and carry a sense of deep honor not seen with Elves, Halflings, and even some humans.

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