Axis and Allies 1914: Venice

is an all- important Axis and Allies 1914 lynchpin territory.  It is on the front lines in a deadlocked battle for Italy’s survival and Austria’s ambitions.  A vacuum of power draws all to it.  Venice is Italy’s crystal ball.  The future can be seen here.

Venice, originally controlled by Italy.
IPC value of 2.
Adjacent to Sea Zone 18.  Naval mines present from enemy Trieste.
Borders neutral Switzerland, Tyrolia, Trieste, Tuscany, and Piedmont.

Historical background
Venice had been home to defensive lines, held by the Italians against the encroaching Austrians.   Determined Italian infantry marched out of Venice to combat Austrian’s best mountain troops.

Axis and Allies 1914 strategy
The weakest of the Allied Powers, Italy should expect a determined Austrian-Hungary to vanquish them.  The map is drawn in a way funneling a pipeline to Rome from Tyrolia and Trieste through Venice.   A deadlocked battle between Italy and Austria occurs there.  There’s more at stake than 2 IPC.  It’s about the gate that opens roads to both the capital, Rome, and France’s underbelly.  The Allied powers enjoy “home-field” advantage while holding Venice.  They can choose to divert French or American troops defending the Italian administration.  To do so, sacrifices French defense north versus Germany (relying more on the British) and American offensive strategies elsewhere.

To lose Venice is disaster to Allied strategy.  With likely no more than one round to decide to contest Venice,  an immediate convention of global strategy is called for.  Will the Allied powers rush troops to save Rome?  Or will they concede Italy and draw a new firewall at Piedmont?  If the Central Powers had overrun Venice, they can bluff splitting forces.  The fall of Rome, by no doubt, will be positively enjoyed by the Central Powers.    However, what if they put up their own firewall at Tuscany?  Allow an economic devastated Italy to linger and push troops south of Switzerland up into France creating a second front.  The game opens up with a variety of options.  Will Britain divert troops from India?  Will The United States transport troops into western France not elsewhere?  Both benefit the Ottoman Empire.  If not, the war becomes that much easier for Germany.

The balance of war is weighed on Venice as fulcrum.

Conversely, Venice is a launching point into Austria-Hungary.  If the war has progressed long enough, fatiguing the Central Powers, a firm Allied grasp on Venice is a stepping stone into Tyrolia or Trieste, the backdoor of Vienna.  In the case of Austria, the best defense is a strong offense.  The balance of war is weighed on Venice as fulcrum.  The war is weighed to the advantage of the power that clearly controls the territory and the future of the war.

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