Dungeons and Dragons: Red Dragon

The Red Dragon,

ranks prominently in D&D lore.  We celebrate the release of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, with an entry from Monster Manual I.

“… usually found dwelling in great hills or mountainous regions. … They are greedy and avaricious. “

For a game titled Dungeons and Dragons, dragons were rarely seen.  To encounter a dragon should be a special occasion.  Personally, the red dragon personified evil more from our cultural affiliation to the color red rather than a Tolkien story.

My red dragons didn’t strike conversations.  Honestly, the heroes were too excited to draw their swords than act out the book.  The red dragon should be mean, scratching, crawling, snapping their jaws at petulant adventurers who don’t realize what they got themselves into.  When the DM picks up 5 six-sided dice, he should be able to hear a pin drop if not hearts dropping into stomachs.  The fire breath is the highlight of the evening session.  To survive it is a badge of honor.

Defeating the red dragon is synonymous with big treasure.  Dragons are not poor, they have something to protect. If you put a dragon in your adventure, it’s fun making them the center attraction.  It’s also more fun surprising the group with an unexpected encounter.  The dragon will be a hit for your party!

Trivia: Defeating the red dragon earned 6700 XP.

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