Dungeons and Dragons: Brain Mole

The Brain Mole

There is still room for Dungeons and Dragons: Monster Manual I silly monsters.  We discuss the infamous, but more likely overlooked, Brain Mole.  It adds excitement, drama, and passion to any adventure.

“… chance per melee round of causing permanent insanity …”

Like most moles, the Brain Mole lives below ground.  But unlike its ugly cousin, it has dangerous psionic powers.  It waits, quietly above or below the surface waiting for heroes thinking too much.   It feeds off of psionic energies and throws its self into a pitched battle of the mind.  Its you versus something resembling a stuffed toy.

Reading the manual’s entry is a mental challenge.  While the beast feeds off of psionic energy it may choose to bury itself (metaphorically) into the minds of the “non-psioncially endowed”.  But why?  It’s not to going to find many mental nutrients within a fighter with 8 INT points.  With one hit point, it shouldn’t be difficult to stuff them with beans and sell them $3.99 a piece.

This is a dangerous trick a DM pulls on his friends who are too high and mighty with mental powers and deserve their comeuppance.   Just by coincidence, the place is full of Brain Moles.   Now roll to save your sanity.  This monster entry is insane!

Trivia: Stomping on an Brain Mole gets you 31 XP.

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