Dungeons and Dragons: Ochre Jelly

The Ochre Jelly

Documented deep inside Dungeons and Dragons: Monster Manual I, is a troubling entry and warns of underground hazards.  A giant amoeba seeps in dungeons like an infamous “blob”.

“The fluids excreted by [the Ochre Jelly] dissolve flesh …”

Joining its similar cousins, the Gelatinous Cube and the Green Slime, the Ochre Jelly seeps through underground cracks and pores looking for flesh and cellulose to devour.  The Monster Manual is filled with underground, mindless hazards such as this one.  Dungeons left unmaintained is breeding ground for danger.   The “jelly” is without intelligence or plan.  It simply exists no different than your basement mold.  Except, it seeks to eat.  It does move growing with each feeding.  We think there is a beautiful purpose to the ecosystem cleaning up untidy organic material.  We wonder what happens when a Carrion Crawler meets an Ochre Jelly?

I was inspired by the simple artwork.  It’s a ominous “Do Not Enter” sign lingering before dark halls and doorways.  Other than that, it is an uninspiring monster.

Trivia: Defeating the Ochre Jelly earns 150 XP.

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