Arkham Horror: How not to mix expansion cards

AH_MythosCardsArkham Horror expansions,
makes the game challenging, unique, and adds its share of variety.  The price we pay to expand the game is mixing hundreds of cards.  Worse, we feel compelled to sort them after the game is over before returning to storage.   What if there was a way to avoid all the post-game trouble while preserving random chance?  Here is a way how not to mix expansion cards.

The key is separating your stacks of cards by expansion type and keeping excellent track how many of each stack remain in your virtual pile.  Because each stack will be of different count, you’ll need a random method to help decide which stack to choose from.  We suggest the following link.

In our example, we’re playing a session of Arkham Horror with both Innsmouth Horror and Miskatonic expansions.  We begin the game with 146 different Mythos cards with the following counts.

Mythos cards (146)
67 Original
36 Innsmouth
43 Miskatonic

The original collection is considered our first stack.   In counting 1 to 146, the first 67 positions are considered belonging to this group.  The next 36 numbers, 68 through 103, are Innsmouth cards.   The final 43, numbers 104 to 146, are Miskatonic.

AH_RandomOrg-1You’ll want to choose 1 random number between 1 and 146.

AH_RandomOrg-2Getting your result we begin count with the original cards, Arkham Horror.   Your 120th card is pulled from the Miskatonic pile.  Now you’ll have to update your counts.

Mythos cards (145)
Original: 1 to 67
Innsmouth: 68 to 103
Miskatonic: 104 to 145

The next time you’ll select a random number between 1 and 145.

Let’s pretend you generated a “91”.  The 91st card is from the Innsmouth pile.  You’ll need to subtract one from the Innsmouth count, shift the Miskatonic starting number and ending numbers as there will be only 144 cards remaining.

Mythos cards (144)
Original: 1 to 67
Innsmouth: 68 to 102
Miskatonic: 103 to 144

You’ll feel much more refreshed organizing your collection quickly and easily once the game is finished.

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  1. Ellie says:

    In case anyone else is still finding this page, I wanted to let you know I thought this was a great idea so I started making it

    I know there is an arkham horror companion app now, but I believe it only handles location and other world cards.

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