Wrath of Ashardalon: Monster Hunt (9/27/2014)


It’s monster hunting season!
A heated debate turns heroes to volunteer monster hunting beneath Firestorm Peak.  It’s a party of three proving they can bring back twelve trophies in our session of Wrath of Ashardalon Adventure 2: Monster Hunt.

“I can bring back more trophies than anyone!” boasted Tarak.  Vistra sat silently enjoying her lamb and dandelion sauce.  As Tarak took another sip of his mold-scented ale, he barked again, “Why don’t you come with me.  I’ll do all the work!”  Vistra looked up from her plate, “Honestly, I don’t think you’ll make past 10 steps in there.  I promise, I’ll carry you out.”  Insulted, Tarak stood and wiped the green from his lips.  Before he could say a word, Quinn interrupted their conversation and offered, “Let’s all go. I have a feeling you both will need me.”

Tarak, half-Orc Rogue
Furious Assault
1 utility power: Practiced Evasion
2 at-will powers: Lucky Strike, Distracting Jab
1 daily power: Tornado Strike
1 treasure: Potion of Recovery

Vistra, Dwarf Fighter
Dwarven Resilience
1 Utility: Inspiring Advice
2 At -Will: Reaping Strike, Sure Strike
1 Daily: Comeback Strike
Treasure item: Potion of Healing

Quinn, Human Cleric
Healing Hymn
1 Utility: Perseverance
2 At-Will: Sacred Flame, Cleric’s Shield
1: Daily: Blade Barrier
Treasure item: Ring of Shooting Stars

2 Healing Surges played
The Start Tile starts at the bottom of the board.  From the stairs, unexplored edges are to the west, northwest, northeast, and east.

Steps to the western edge of the Start Tile.
Explores a hallway with passages west and a doorway south.  (black)
Draws a Grell.
Encounter event-attack: Poisoned Arrow.  An arrow strikes Tarak.  Taking -2 hp (6 remaining) and he is POISONED.
The Grell moves into the heroes Start Tile and attacks Vistra with its tentacles.  Vistra suffers -1 hp (7 remaining) and she is DAZED.

Vistra, dazed,
With Reaping Strike, hits the Grell once out of two attacks.  It suffers -1 hp (1 remaining).
Being dazed, she is unable to move or explore.
Encounter curse: A Gap in the Armor.  Vistra is burdened with a -4 AC penalty.

Moves around the group and the Grell to the tile west.  With his last step, he reaches the southern doorway.
Attacks the Grell with Sacred Flame and defeats the Grell – trophy #1.  (+2 XP, 2 total)
Gains treasure item: Amulet of Protection.  He gains +1 AC.
Explores a hallway ending with a doorway to the south. (black)
Draws a Gibbering Mouther.
Encounter trap: Lava Flow.
One tile away, the Gibbering Mouther attacks Quinn for -1 hp (7 remaining).  Quinn is DAZED.
The Lava Flow trap activates in Quinn’s tile.  He takes -1 hp damage (6 remaining).

Tarak, poisoned,
Takes -1 hp damage (5 remaining).
Exhausting his movement allowances he moves into the Gibbering Mouther tile reaching the southern-most edge.
Adjacent to, he attacks the gibbering mounter with Lucky Strike and misses with a “1”.
Unable to shake off the poison, he spends his Potion of Recovery to recover.
Explores a dungeon tile with passages west, south, and a doorway east.  (black)
Draws a Human Cultist.
Encounter hazard: Pit.  Tarak falls into the pit taking -2 hp damage.  (3 remaining)
Human cultist moves one tile north.  He stands adjacent to Quinn.

Vistra, cursed,
Afraid of traps that plagued her comrades, she steps north onto the unexplored edge.
Explores a hallway with passageway north.  (white)
Draws a Grell.
Grell moves adjacent to Vistra, sharing the same tile.  It strikes with a tentacle causing -1 hp damage (6 remaining).  Vistra is DAZED

Quinn, dazed,
Choosing to fight and not move, he uses Ring of Shooting Stars.  The Gibbering Mouther is struck for -1 hp.  (1 remaining)  rolling a “20”, it goes unrewarded.
With Sacred Flame, Quinn tries to defeat the Gibbering Mouther, but misses.
Encounter environment: High Alert
Gibberling Mouther attacks Quinn from its position one tile away for -1 hp damage (5 remaining).
The Lava Flow activates placing a new Lava Flow east with Vistra and the Grell.  (by interpretation of rule, it cannot be placed with a hazard.)  Quinn suffers -1 hp (4 remaining).
Vistra suffers -1 hp (5 remaining).
Environment High Alert makes Quinn pass the Gibbering Mouther card to Tarak.

Tarak, trapped,
Manages to climb out of the pit adjacent to both human cultist and Gibbering Mouther.
With a Lucky Strike a roll of “16” defeats the Gibbering Mouther – trophy #2.  (+3 XP, 5 total)
Gains treasure item: Shield of Protection.
Moves to the tile south standing at the eastern unexplored edge.
Explores a tile with open passages north and east.  (black)
Draws an Orc Smasher.
Encounter curse: Bloodlust.
Human Cultist steps one square adjacent to Quinn and misses with his poisoned dagger.
Orc Smasher moves adjacent to Tarak and smashes him for -1 hp (2 remaining).
Environment High Alert makes Tarak pass the Human Cultist to Vistra.

Vistra, cursed and dazed,
Chooses not to move and attacks the adjacent Grell with Reaping Strike.  Her first attack misses – and she spends Inspiring Advice on herself.  Her re-roll hits for -1 hp.   Her second Reaping Strike defeats the Grell with a “20”!
Trophy #3.  (+2 XP, 7 total)
Level up!  (-5 XP, 2 total)
New Daily Power: Taunting Advice.  She has 7 hit points out of 10.
Gains treasure item: Boots of Striding.
Vistra is no longer dazed nor cursed.
Encounter environment: Kolbold Trappers.  -4 penalty disarming traps.

Quinn, dazed,
Choosing to fight, Quinn defeats the Orc Smasher with Sacred Flame with a “20”!
He gains +1 hp (5 remaining).
Trophy #4 (+2 XP, 4 total)
Gains treasure item: Wand of Polymorph.
Quinn is no longer dazed.
Encounter attack: Volcanic Burst.
Quinn plays Perseverance, spending 4 XP to cancel.  (-4 XP, 0 total)
Lava Flow activates.  Quinn suffers -1 hp (4 remaining).
A new Lava Flow marker is dropped to the far east of the Start Tile.

Tarak, cursed,
Bloodlust leeches -1 hp (1 remaining).
Moves to the tile north to the edge of The Pit.  He stands adjacent to the Human Cultist.
With Distracting Jab, Tarak misses rolling a “6” needing a “7”.
Moves his speed three tiles to the middle of the most northern hallway tile.
Encounter trap: Poisoned Dart Trap.
Human Cultist attacks Quinn but misses.
Too weak for Practiced Evasion, Tarak is POISONED and DOWN by a poisoned tipped dart.

Moves to the northern most tile at its unexplored edge.  She stands adjacent to Tarak.
She disables the Poisoned Dart Trap (considering a -4 penalty due to environment)
Explores a corner tile, its passageway turns east. (black)
Draws a second Human Cultist.
Encounter hazard: Volcanic Vapors.  Vistra is POISONED.
A Human Cultist moves adjacent to Vistra and misses with a “1”.
The Human Cultist adjacent to Quinn strikes Quinn for -1 hp (3 remaining).  Quinn is POISONED.

Quinn, poisoned,
Loses -1 hp due to poison (2 remaining).
With Sacred Flame, Quinn is barely able to defeat the Human Cultist adjacent to him.
The Sacred Flame heals +1 hp (3 remaining) while Saving Grace cures him from his poison.
Trophy #5 (+1 XP, 1 total).
Gains treasure item: Tome of Experience.
Level up!
+2 hp (5 total), new Daily Power: Command.
Exhausted, Quinn reaches the southern most tile at its western unexplored edge.  With the traps in between he and his group, he is isolated.
Explores a hallway tile, exiting west.  (white)
Draws Legion Devils!
The Devils surround and all strike Quinn for -3 hp (2 remaining).
Lava flow affects no one.

Tarak, poisoned, cursed and down,
While down, no suffering from curse or poison.
Spends the first Healing Surge and has 4 hit points.
Moves to the tile north at its eastern unexplored edge, adjacent to the Human Cultist.
Again, Tarak misses.
Tarak cannot overcome the poison.
Explores tile with doors east and open passage way south.  (black)
Draws a Snake.
Encounter event: Quick Advance.  One Legion Devil moves up one tile to Tarak.  (draw another Encounter Card)
Encounter event: Kobold Warren. 4 non-reptile monsters from the top 5 are discarded.
Human Cultist attacks Vistra for -1 hp (6 remaining) and is still poisoned.
The Snake moves adjacent to Tarak and strikes for -1 hp (3 remaining) and is still poisoned.

Vistra, poisoned,
Loses -1 hp (5 remaining).
Drinks her Potion of Healing for +2 hp (7 remaining).
Moves north then another tile east into the tile recently explored by Tarak.  She stands at the southern unexplored edge while adjacent to the Snake.
With a Reaping Strike, she defeats the Snake.
Trophy #6 (+1 XP, 2 total).
Gains treasure item: Dwarven Hammer.
Vistra overcomes her poison.
Explores a tile with an east passage as only exit. (white)
Draws a Snake.
Snake moves into her tile, adjacent to her.  It misses with a “1”.

Adjacent to one Legion Devil, defeats it with a Cleric’s Shield.
Trophy #7.
Quinn gains a bonus of +2 AC.
Moves to the southern unexplored edge.
Casts Blade Barrier.
Explores a tile with open passages west and south.  (black)
Draws a Gibbering Mouther.
Encounter attack: Waking Dream.  Quinn suffers -1 hp (1 remaining) and is DAZED.
Two remaining Legion Devils step into the Blade Barrier and are defeated.
Trophies #8 and #9.  (+3 XP, 5 total)
Gibbering Mouther attacks from one tile away and strikes Quinn.
Quinn is DOWN.
The Lava Trap activates harming no one.

Tarak, poisoned, cursed,
Loses -2 hp (1 remaining).
With Lucky Strike defeats the Snake rolling a “20”.
Trophy #10 (+1 XP, 6 total).
Gains treasure item: Wand of Fear.
Freed from curse Bloodlust.
Level up!
Tarak has 3 hp out of 10.  New Daily Power: Acrobatic Onslaught.
Escapes behinds Vistra, running to the tile farthest east at its unexplored edge.  (black)
Overcomes his poisonous condition.
Draws a Cave Bear.
Encounter event: Duergar Outpost.
Human Cultist moves one tile closer to Vistra.
The Cave Bear moves adjacent to Tarak and strikes him for -2 hp (1 remaining).  He is left DAZED.

With Taunting Advance, she defeats the Cave Bear.
Trophy #11 (+2 XP, 8 total).
Gains treasure item: +2 Magic Sword.
Encounter environment: Dragon’s Tribute.

Quinn, dazed and down,
Spends the second and last of two healing surges.
He has 5 hp remaining.
Using power of Command, he draws the Gibbering Mouther onto his own tile into the Blade Barrier.   The Gibbering Mouther suffers -1 hp (1 remaining).
With Sacred Flame, Quinn defeats the Gibbering Mouther.

The heroes collect their 12th trophy and win!


Quinn’s final strike on a Gibbering Mouther. The 12th and final trophy.



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