Axis and Allies 1914: Canada

AA1914_CanadaAxis and Allies 1914: Canada,
is an unassuming territory far from peril.  Providing 4 IPC per round for the British Empire, it seems to offer little.   Across the Atlantic it provides strategic benefits if only the Allied powers care to notice.

Canada, originally controlled by the British Empire
IPC value of 4
Borders United States of America

Historical background
As a British dominion, Canada was pulled into the war upon Britain’s declaration against Germany.  Canadians of British descent supported the effort out of a sense of duty and loyalty.  At the start of the war, the Canadian standing army stood at a little over 3,000.  By the end of war, Canada had mobilized 620,000.

Axis and Allies 1914 strategy
Far away, the territory of Canada offers little to the British Empire other than easily farming IPCs.  However, to the United States in a strategic launching point into Europe and Africa.  As the U.S. must patiently ramp up its invasion force, potential landing zones are at least two rounds away from their eastern seaboard.

Move troops and vessels to Canada and her shores!  An extra round has to be invested anyhow.  Your navy is safer than exposed off the shores of Portugal, Morocco, or Ireland.  There is mystery where your next landing zone may be.  From Canada, a single movement phase can put troops in northern, western, or southern France.  You can even reach deep north Africa.

Supporting troops to Picardy aids the French, and possibly the British, as the third nation to defend against German aggression.    A landing zone in Brest or Bordeaux signals either a hurried defense of Paris or an attempt to bluff where you will send your troops.  Amphibious operations to Marseilles serves as a safety line to both France and Italy.  The Austrians will meet you.  If Africa is in your battle plans, Algeria, Tunisia, and French West Africa are within reach.

Territories within 2 sea-zones from Canada (sz-2)
Sea zone 1: United States
Sea zone 2: Ireland
Sea zone 3: Ireland
Sea zone 7: Ireland, Spain
Sea zone 8: Wales, Yorkshire, Scotland, Picardy, Brest
Sea zone 14: Portugal, Morocco, Spain, Spanish Morocco
Sea zone 15: Brest, Bordeaux, Spain
Sea zone 16: Marseilles, Corsica, Algeria, Tunisia,  Spain, Spanish Morocco
Sea zone 22: French West Africa

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