Dungeons and Dragons: Treant

The Treant

inspired from J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, is one of many wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing type monsters.   Cleverly renamed not to violate any copyright, this talking tree was only for fans of Middle Earth and not always well received.

“… strongly related to humans and trees, combining features of both species.”


The Treant pays great homage to the Middle Earth universe.  As portrayed in the film, it despises evil yet prefer to live among themselves.  This is where I have a rub with the Monster Manual I entry.  Most, not all, heroes play a decent character of good alignment   How to integrate a good, intelligent tree with a good, intelligent group is sometimes challenging.

But here is the real problem, not unlike the Piercer, players tire easily of deceptive, camouflaged beasts.  They don’t like stalactites falling from ceilings in caves.  Nor being swallowed up by a living floor.  Nor having a tree give them a hug through the forest.  Few like being surprised by a monster that is right in front of them all along, including fans of the book.

Trivia: Defeating a Treat rewarded different XP depending on their Hit Dice.  A 7-8 level rewarded 1200 XP, 9-10 with 1950 XP, and 11-12 was worth 2850 XP.

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