Axis and Allies 1941: Round 4 moves (5/19/2014)


Axis and Allies 1941: Naval superiority is key to victory.  Fearful of German bombers, the Allies have yet to make amphibious landings into Europe.  Japan meanwhile is the Tiger of the Pacific on the road to India.   The war began on May 19th, 2014.

House rules allow deployment of reinforcements greater than IPC value of territory.

Round 4 Soviet Union

“We have to try to seize a landing zone for our allies.”

IPC board: RU 1, GE 20, UK 7, JA 13, US 14

Purchase units
With 0 IPC, acquires nothing (cost 0, left with 0)

Combat move
Archangel into Karelia: 6 infantry

Battle for Karelia
Soviet Union recaptures Karelia with 3 infantry
Soviets gain +1 IPC (RU 2) from Germany (GE 19)

Non-combat move

Mobilize and collect income
With 0 IPC in hand, collects 0 for a total of 0 IPC.

Round 4 Germany

“India must fall before the allies arrive in Europe.”

IPC board: RU 2, GE 19, UK 7, JA 13, US 14

Purchase units
With 20 IPC, acquires 4 infantry, 1 destroyer (cost 20, left with 0)

Combat move
Middle East into India: 1 infantry, 2 armor
AE Egypt into India: 1 armor
Caucasus into India: 1 armor, 1 fighter
Germany into India: 1 bomber (5 spaces)

Germany into Karelia: 1 armor
Eastern Europe into Karelia: 1 infantry
Russia into Karelia: 1 armor

Russia into Archangel: 2 infantry
Russia, uncontested, captures Archangel gaining +1 IPC (GE 20) from the Soviet Union (RU 1)

Germany into sea zone-8: 1 fighter

Battle for India
Germany captures India with 2 armor
Germany gains +1 IPC (GE 21) from United Kingdom (UK 6)
German air units land in Middle East

Battle for sea zone-8
Germany sinks British destroyer and returns to Germany

Battle for Karelia
A draw.  All units eliminated.
Territory remains in control of the Soviet Union

Allies surrender.

Blaming fatigue, all powers call to end of the war with the Allies conceding.  With the United Kingdom losing most all of their global influence, the future of the war comes down to an American invasion into France near the shores of the United Kingdom.  Furthermore, an inevitable conflict between two major navies in the Pacific is imminent.


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2 Responses to Axis and Allies 1941: Round 4 moves (5/19/2014)

  1. Chris FInlay says:

    A bit of a disappointing game really Would you say that the people who published Axis and Allies would have been better to do a revamped version of the classic edition.

    It seems to me having just invested in this as a way into the bigger versions that all the fun has been taken out of the game with the low IPCs and the few units

    Excellent report by the way not sure I would have been as passive for the Americans. Maybe invade North Africa on turn 1. Still if Russia can be knocked out so easily then probably not much point really

    • admin says:

      I share your sentiment about the game. In retrospect, my first opinions may have been generous. “1941” comes across as checkers for Axis and Allies. It’s oversimplified and, with enough luck, the winner is determined after the second round. The next closest to the global theme enjoyed with Classic and Revised, would have been the first edition of Axis and Allies 1942, which I enjoyed. The 2nd edition, while good, is a merciful rendition of 1940 Global. Still, a complex game not to be taken lightly.

      Thank you for reading.

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