Axis and Allies 1941: Round 2 moves (5/19/2014)


The United States musters up an invasion force to traverse the Atlantic.

Axis and Allies 1941: Bold moves from the Axis puts the Soviet Union on its heels.  Will the Allies manage to counter?  The war began on May 19th, 2014.

House rules allow deployment of reinforcements greater than IPC value of territory.

Round 2 Soviet Union

“We must move troops towards Moscow sacrificing the outer Motherland.”

IPC board: RU 5, GE 14, UK 12, JA 10, US 14

Purchase units
With 9 IPC, acquires 3 infantry (cost 9, left with 0)

Combat move
Sea zone-6 into Sea zone-8: 1 sub

Battle for sea zone-8
Germany sinks Soviet sub

Non-combat move
Karelia to Archangel: 3 infantry
Siberia to Urals: 3 infantry

Mobilize and collect income
Moscow: 3 infantry
With 0 IPC in hand, collects 5 for a total of 5 IPC.

Round 2 Germany

“Our eyes our on Moscow.  Meanwhile, we will fortify our positions in Africa.”

IPC board: RU 5, GE 14, UK 12, JA 10, US 14

Purchase units
With 14 IPC, acquires 4 infantry, 1 armor (cost 12, left with 2)

Combat move
Norway into Karelia: 2 infantry, uncontested, captures Karelia
Germany gains +1 IPC (GE 15) from Soviet Union (RU 4)

Caucasus into Moscow: 2 armor
West Russia into Moscow: 2 infantry, 1 armor
Germany into Moscow: 1 bomber
North Africa into AE Sudan: 1 infantry, 1 armor
Sea zone-8 to sz-14: 1 sub challenges a British carrier
Caucasus into Middle East: 1 infantry, 1 armor
Southern Europe into Middle East: 1 fighter (3 spaces)

Battle for Moscow
Germany overruns and captures Moscow with 2 infantry, 3 armor
Bomber returns to Germany
Germany gains +3 IPC (GE 18) from Soviet Union (RU 1)
From the Soviet treasury take for spoils 5 IPC for a total of 7

Battle for sea zone-14
British carrier defends and sinks the German U-boat.

Battle for AE Sudan
Germany overruns and captures AE Sudan with 1 infantry, 1 armor
Germany gains +1 IPC (GE 19) from United Kingdom (UK 11)

Battle for Middle East
Germany captures Middle East with 1 armor
Germany gains +1 IPC (GE 20) from United Kingdom (UK 10)
Fighter lands in Caucasus

Non-combat move
Southern Europe to North Africa: 2 infantry by transport
Eastern Europe to West Russia: 1 infantry
Germany to Southern Europe: 2 infantry
Germany to North Africa: 1 fighter

Mobilize and collect income
Germany: 2 infantry
Caucasus: 2 infantry
With 7 IPC in hand, collects 20 for a total of 27 IPC.

Round 2 United Kingdom

“With the Germany navy decimated, we have to think about a North Atlantic plan.  India is also vital to the war effort.”

IPC board: RU 1, GE 20, UK 10, JA 10, US 14

Purchase units
With 12 IPC, acquires 4 infantry (cost 12, left with 0)

Combat move
Sea zone-33 to sea zone-28: 1 sub
India into Middle East: 3 infantry, 1 armor

Battle for Middle East
United Kingdom recaptures Middle East with 2 infantry
Fighter lands in India
United Kingdom gains +1 IPC (UK 11) from Germany (GE 19)

Battle for sea zone-28
United Kingdom sinks the Japanese sub

Non-combat move
Sea zone-11 to sea zone-14: 1 destroyer
Australia (sz-33) to India (sz-29): 2 infantry by transport

Mobilize and collect income
United Kingdom: 1 infantry
India: 1 infantry
Australia: 2 infantry
With 0 IPC in hand, collects 11 for a total of 11 IPC.

Round 2 Japan

“Conquering Southeast Asia and India is realized.  Deterring the United States until that moment is part of the plan.”

IPC board: RU 1, GE 19, UK 11, JA 10, US 14

Purchase units
With 13 IPC, acquires 2 infantry, 1 sub (cost 12, left with 1)

Combat move
Philippines (sz-38) to East Indies (sz-30): 1 carrier, 1 destroyer, 1 transport offloading 2 infantry
Japan captures, uncontested, East Indies
Japan gains +2 IPC (JA 12) from United Kingdom (UK 9)

Sea zone-38 to Sea zone-29: 1 fighter sinks British transport
Fighter lands on carrier in sea zone-30

Northwestern China into Szechwan: 2 infantry
Coastal China into  Szechwan: 2 infantry
Manchuria into Szechwan: 1 armor, 1 fighter

Battle for Szechwan
Japan overruns capturing Szechwan with 4 infantry, 1 armor
Fighter lands in Southeast Asia
Japanese armor and fighter roll hits once out of 6 rolls

Non-combat move
Manchuria to Northwestern China: 1 infantry
Japan to Manchuria: 2 infantry by transport
Sea zone-40 to Sea zone-45: 1 battleship, 1 carrier (2 fighters) retreat to Japan

Mobilize and collect income
Japan: 2 infantry, 1 sub
With 1 IPC in hand, collects 12 for a total of 13 IPC.

Round 2 United States

“We have to crack into the shores of Africa or Europe, somehow.   The Axis is winning the war economically.”

IPC board: RU 1, GE 19, UK 9, JA 12, US 14

Purchase units
With 16 IPC, acquires 1 infantry, 1 armor, 1 transport (cost 15, left with 1)

Combat move
Sea zone-14 into sea zone-16: 1 fighter

Battle for sea zone-16
US fighter and German destroyer lost!   Only German transport left behind.

Non-combat move
Western Canada to Alaska: 2 infantry
Western US to Western Canada: 2 infantry
Western US to United Kingdom: 1 bomber

Mobilize and collect income
Western US: 1 infantry
Eastern US: 1 armor, 1 transport
With 1 IPC in hand, collects 14 for a total of 15 IPC.

Round 2 ends
IPC board: RU 1, GE 19, UK 9, JA 12, US 14

Capturing Moscow, the Axis makes great gains almost conquering most of Asia.  Only the Indian bastion stands in  their way.  As Japan and the United States stock into their navies in the Pacific, the US-UK partnership must make plans to cut into Africa or Europe.  Otherwise, the war is near end.

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