Dungeons and Dragons: Morkoth

The Morkoth,

from Monster Manual I, was a squid-headed hypnotist from deep waters.  If your heroes have the technology of deep sea diving and able to breath underwater and see without the aid of modern illumination, they may run into the Morkoth!  We add another “silly” monster to our list.

 “[The Morkoth] is possibly humanoid, but reports vary.”

Not even the Monster Manual is sure what a Morkoth is.  According to the book, the spiraling tunnels may appear out of nowhere in deep waters drawing anyone and anything into it without having to look at them.  At the end of the tunnel is a squid like monster with bat wings waiting to put a bite on you, literally.

“Any creature passing over one of these tunnels is drawn towards it hypnotically, …”

The problem with monsters like these is the use of deep water.  Adventures set in and over water weren’t very popular with me.  Think D&D, and we think castles, dungeons, dark forests, and graveyards.  And if you were technologically honest, meaning you conducted your stories without the benefit of scuba gear and leaving weapons and armor on the beach, a story highlighting the Morkoth may be an awkward one.  I labeled the monster “silly” beginning with the manual’s confession it didn’t know enough about it.  Furthermore, think of the trouble it would take to introduce it to your heroes.  Who wants to run into one of these?  The “wraith of the deep” is nothing more than intelligent seafood dangling a coin off a piece of string.

Trivia: The Morkoth have exceptional intelligence, yet chaotic evil in alignment with hit dice of 7 and an armor class of 3.

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