Axis and Allies 1914: Truce called (1/7/2014)


The juggernaut of Ukraine. At least two rounds from Vienna.

A session of Axis and Allies 1914, lasting 17 rounds over nearly 2 months,

have come to a mutual truce as each power feels fatigue.  While the Allied powers seem to have the upper hand, Austrian waves of infantry and good German luck is all what is short of a stagnated war.  Below are the standing positions of each power.  This is your chance to finish the war for us.  This session kicked off on January 7, 2014.

IPC board: AH 41, RU 3, GE 47, FR 36, UK 59, OT 12, IT 3, US 23

Any territories unmentioned are considered controlled and unoccupied by the original power.
Each power lists the industrial production certificates in their treasury.

Austria-Hungary 46 IPC
Pushed out of western Europe, Vienna’s armies are left to surround the British from conquering from Russian lands.  Limited troops support the Ottoman cause and have outside chances of threatening the British there.  The effort to contain the British juggernaut have left the shores of Slavic regions vulnerable to Allied invasion.

All territories controlled by Austria unless otherwise indicated.
Vienna: 12 infantry, 2 artillery, 2 armor
Budapest: 2 infantry
Romania: 6 infantry
Trieste: 6 infantry, 2 artillery
Bulgaria (OT): 1 infantry
Constantinople (OT): 7 infantry, 6 artillery
Smyrna (UK, contested): 3 infantry, 5 artillery
Greece: 3 infantry
Switzerland: 1 infantry

Austria controlled and unoccupied: Serbia, Albania, Venice, Tuscany, Bohemia, Tyrolia, Galicia

Russian Empire 0 IPC
The Russian Empire is in midst of a revolution and out of the war.  The optional rules are in effect.

Unoccupied Russian controlled territories and off-limits: Finland and Kazakhstan

Germany 50 IPC
Proud German infantry have been pushed out of a long, entrenched war from Picardy and have recently lost Belgium.  Diverting a supply  line to the eastern front, as a result of British expeditionary force into Karelia, have drained efforts in the west.  Germany must push back again.  Their hope lies in a reinvigorated fleet.  Originally built to deter an invasion, they have the means to take Britain by surprise.  But only after a major naval battle not yet happened.

All territories controlled by Germany unless otherwise indicated.
Berlin: 5 infantry, 2 artillery, 2 armor
Kiel: 6 infantry, 4 armor
Holland: 4 infantry, 3 artillery
Rome: 1 infantry
Naples: 1 infantry
Prussia: 2 infantry
Poland: 2 infantry, 1 artillery
Belarus: 2 infantry
Livonia: 2 infantry
Karelia: 1 infantry

Sea zone 10: 2 battleships, 1 cruiser, 2 subs
Sea zone 11: 1 transport

Germany controlled and unoccupied: Alcase, Munich, Ruhr, Hanover, Silesia, Tuscany

France 33 IPC
After many rounds and unrelenting support of the British and Americans, France has reemerged with a stronger military.  With careful planning, they can reach and grab in coordination with the Allied powers.  However, they are one tragic outcome away to be severely weakened at the mercy of either Germany or Austria.  France looks to help Britain take Berlin and helping the United States liberate Italy.

All territories controlled by France unless otherwise indicated.
Paris: 5 infantry, 3 artillery
Burgundy: 2 infantry, 2 artillery
Lorraine: 1 infantry
Picardy: 4 infantry, 4 artillery

Sea zone 8: 2 transports
Sea zone 17: 1 battleship, 1 transport

France controlled and unoccupied: Brest, Bordeaux, Marseilles, Belgium, Portugal,
France controls unoccupied African territories of: All French original, Spanish Morocco, Togoland, Kamerun, Belgium Congo,

British Empire 64 IPC
The British wages three fronts; amphibious support into France and now Belgium, India-coordinated maneuvers against the Ottoman and Austria, and commanding the juggernaut army now residing in Ukraine.   It’s robust economy allows the British to spread its military in a long, arduous tasks to wear down each of the three Central powers.

All territories controlled by Britain unless otherwise indicated.
London: 6 infantry, 2 artillery
Ukraine: 9 infantry, 5 artillery, 4 artillery, 1 fighter
India: 2 infantry, 2 artillery
Persia: 2 infantry, 1 armor
Mesopotamia: 2 infantry, 2 artillery, 2 armor
Syria: 1 infantry
Smyrna: 1 infantry
Trans-Jordan: 6 infantry, 1 artillery, 1 armor
Belgium (FR): 5 infantry, 2 artillery

Sea zone 9: 2 battleships, 1 cruiser, 4 subs, 4 transports
Sea zone 28: 1 transport
Sea zone 29: 1 battleship, 2 cruiser, 1 transport

British controlled and unoccupied: Remainder of England, Moscow, Tatarstan, Sevastopol, Arabia, Afghanistan, Canada

British controls unoccupied African territories of: All British original, South West Africa, Angola, German East Africa, Portuguese East Africa

Ottoman Empire 12 IPC
The Ottoman struggle for survival.  Clever maneuvering with the British and Austrian support have kept them in the war.  However, as Austria will be forced to retreat, their fate is inevitable.  The Ottoman does not have enough resources to man a defensive against the wealthy British.

All territories controlled by Ottoman unless otherwise indicated
Constantinople: 2 infantry, 1 artillery
Smyrna: 4 infantry, 2 artillery

Ottoman controlled and unoccupied: Bulgaria

Italy 0 IPC
Italy has no ground troops and little navy.  They are idle until liberation day.

Unoccupied territories controlled by Italy: Empire of Ethiopia, Libya, Somaliland
Sea zone 17: 1 battleship, 1 cruiser

United States 23 IPC
The United States plays a support role in both northern and southern Europe.  With a little risk, they can play havoc on the Central powers and threaten the Slavic states.  Presently, their eyes are on Italy pulling them back into the war.

All territories controlled by the US unless otherwise indicated.
United States: 7 infantry, 1 armor
Canada (UK): 2 infantry
Picardy (FR): 2 infantry
Belgium (FR): 2 infantry, 1 artillery
Piedmont: 3 infantry, 3 artillery, 1 fighter
Rome (GE, contested): 1 infantry, 2 artillery
Portugal (FR): 1 infantry, 1 artillery

Sea zone 1: 3 transports
Sea zone 2: 1 transport
Sea zone: 8: 1 transport
Sea zone 9: 1 battleship
Sea zone 14: 3 transports
Sea zone 17: 1 battleship, 2 transports

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2 Responses to Axis and Allies 1914: Truce called (1/7/2014)

  1. Zach says:

    17 rounds! I won as the allies in only 6. Is that unusual?

    • admin says:

      Thanks for reading.
      We like to hear more about the number of players in your session, their level of experience, and the overall winning strategy. In the spirit of WW-I, there were a lot of stubbornness to go around in our entrenched session.

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