Axis and Allies 1914: War and opening moves pt 1 (1/7/2014)


Serbia is captured while Russia claims and controls Romania.

We return to World War I with a session Axis and Allies 1914
Kicking off the opening round with Austria-Hungary and Russia, we begin to see the world map develop.  The war kicked off on January 7, 2014.

Round 1 Austria-Hungary

“Stretching into Romania, in addition to Serbia, is as risky as ignoring it.  We’re going to do our duty and invade Serbia, taking the blame and start World War I.  But we choose to contain Romania, knowing it will fall into Russia.  Italy is another weak power and we’re going to do our best to dwindle its resources now.”

IPC board: AH 26, RU 25, GE 35, FR 24, UK 30, OT 16, IT 14, US 20

Purchase and repair units
With 26 IPC, acquires 6 infantry (cost 24, left with 2)

Budapest into Serbia: 12 infantry and 2 artillery
Serbia mobilizes Russian units: 3 infantry, 1 artillery

Trieste (sz-18) into Tuscany by transport: 1 infantry, artillery escorted by a battleship
Tuscany is contested for -2 IPC (IT 12)

Tyrolia into Venice: 6 infantry, 2 artillery
Trieste into Venice: 4 infantry
Venice is contested for -2 IPC (IT 10)

Galicia into Ukraine: 6 infantry, 2 artillery
Ukraine is contested for -3 IPC (RU 22)

Bohemia to Galicia: 6 infantry, 2 artillery
Vienna to Budapest: 12 infantry, 2 artillery

Battle for Serbia
Austria captures with 10 infantry, 2 artillery for 2 IPC (AH 28)

Battle for Tuscany
Austria captures with 1 infantry and artillery for 2 IPC (AH 30)

Battle for Vienna
AH left with 6 infantry, 2 artillery
IT left with 4 infantry, 2 artillery

Battle for Ukraine
AH left with 3 infantry, 2 artillery
RU left with 3 infantry, 2 artillery

Mobilize and Income
Vienna: 6 infantry
With 2 IPC in hand, Austria collects 30 IPC for a total of 32

Round 1 Russia

“Defending Ukraine is our priority number one!  We’re forced to enlist the aid of Romania and prepare a pitched battle with the Austrians there.  We’re expecting Germany will open up a new front so we’ll build a firewall.”

IPC board: AH 30, RU 22, GE 35, FR 24, UK 30, OT 16, IT 10, US 20

Purchase and repair units
With 25 IPC, acquires 6 infantry (cost 24, left with 1).

Sevastopol into Mesopotamia: 2 infantry, 2 artillery
Mesopotamia is contested for -3 IPC (OT 13)

Sevastopol into Romania: 1 infantry
Romania mobilizes 5 infantry, 1 artillery to join the Russian cause with +3 IPC (RU 25)

sz-21 to sz-20: 2 cruisers challenge 2 Ottoman cruisers.

Moscow reinforcing Ukraine with 6 infantry, 2 artillery

Tartarstan to Sevastopol: 3 infantry, 1 artillery
Belarus to Poland: 6 infantry, 2 artillery
Livonia to Poland: 3 infantry, 2 artillery

Battle for Ukraine
Russia recaptures for +3 IPC (RU 28) with 7 infantry, 4 artillery

Battle for Mesopotamia
RU left with 1 infantry, 2 artillery
OT left with 1 infantry, 1 artillery

Battle for sz-21
Russia’s 2 cruisers survive the mine fields
Ottoman declares victory with 1 cruiser

Mobilize and Income
Moscow: 6 infantry
With 1 IPC in hand, Russia collects 28 IPC for a total of 29



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