Castle Ravenloft: Rampaging Golem (1/2/2014)

IMG_0561Adventure 11: Rampaging Golem

If there were three overlooked characters of Dungeons and Dragons Castle Ravenloft, they would be; the mutant Arjhan, the underestimated Kat, and an underdeveloped Eladrin wizard, Immeril.  Each choose to prove their metal by volunteering into Strahd’s crypts to deactivate a rampaging golem.

“The three heroes must either pacify or destroy Strahd’s newest servant, a powerful flesh golem.”


Kat, Human rogue
Sneak attack
1 utility: Stealth
2 at-will: Snipe shot, Backstab
1 daily: Dagger barrage
1 treasure: Potion of rejuvenation

Immeril, Eladrin wizard
Fey step
1 utility: Dispel magic
2 at-will: Scorching burst, Thunderwave
1 treasure: Potion of healing

Arjhan, Dragonborn fighter
Dragon’s breath
1 utility: Unstoppable
1 at-will: Trapping strike, Cleave
1 daily: Brute strike
1 treasure: Holy avenger

The heroes stand near the stairs.  There is a hallway west, east, and an open passageway north.

moves to the tile north and stands at its western edge.
Explores Strahd’s crypt with north as its only exit.  (white)
Draws a spider.
Spider sprays Kat with a web for -1 hp (7 left).  Kat is SLOWED.

moves north into Kat’s tile at the north unexplored edge.
He misses with Thunderwave rolling a “1”.  The spider is moved adjacent to Arjhan.
Explores a laboratory.    Exits to west and east.
Draws a gargoyle.
The gargoyle moves into Immeril’s tile and strikes both he and Kat, both lose -2 hp and both are SLOWED.
(Kat with 5 hp remaining.  Immeril with 4 hp)

with a cleave, Arjhan DEFEATS the spider and rolls a “20”.  (+2 xp, 2 total)
Gains treasure: Magic sword.  Gives it to Kat.
Moves north into the laboratory at its western edge.
Explores a hallway and a passage to the west.  (black)
Draws a second gargoyle.
Encounter event: Neglected passage.  A new Fetid Den tile is placed west of the hallway protruding from the Start Tile.
A wolf appears in the Fetid Den.
Arjhan’s Gargoyle moves into his tile and does -2 hp damage (8 remaining) and he is SLOWED.
Immeril’s Gargoyle activates and cuts he and Kat for -2 hp each.  Both are SLOWED.
(Kat has 3 hp left.  Immeril has 2 hp)
Hungary like the wolf, it races two tiles towards the hero.

Kat, slowed,
with a backstab, Kat hits, with extra damage, and DEFEATS the gargoyle. (+3 xp, 5 total)
Kat chooses to take an item: mirror.  (reaction is unknown)
Kat is unable to move very far and cannot make it to an unexplored edge.
Encounter event: Overrun.  Arjhan suffers -2 hp damage.  (6 remaining)

Immeril, slowed,
uses his potion of healing to regain 2 hp.  (4 remaining)
Although impaired, moves north into the laboratory onto the eastern unexplored edge.
With Thunderwave, inflicts -1 hp of damage to the gargoyle (1 remaining).  The gargoyle is moved one tile adjacent to Arjhan.
Explores the Crypt of Sergei Von Zarovich with passages north and south.  (black)
Draws a ghoul.
Encounter event: Neglected passage.  A new hallway tile placed to far east of the Start Tile.
Draws a wraith there.
The ghoul moves adjacent to Immeril and claws him for -1 hp (3 remaining) and he is IMMOBILIZED.
The wraith moves one tile west.

Arjhan, slowed,
with an opportunity to stand his ground, he can cleave the gargoyle (adjacent but technically on another tile) and the ghoul.  However, he rolls a “1” and misses!
Encounter event: Strahd’s minions.  Arjhan, the gargoyle, and the ghoul are sent to the farthest southwest tile.  The monsters are adjacent to him alone.
Gargoyle claws him for -2 hp (4 remaining).
The wolf pounces Kat for -1 hp (2 left).  Kat is SLOWED.

Kat, slowed,
uses Backstab to DEFEAT the wolf.  (+1 XP, 6 total)
Kat chooses to take an item: portrait.  (reaction is unknown)
Moves two squares reaching the far eastern unexplored edge.
Explores the Crypt of Barov and Ravenova and exits only north.  (black)
Draws a skeleton.
Encounter event-attack: Spider webs.

Hundreds of tiny spiders crawl across the ceiling, sending a think mass of webs down upon you.

Kat is SLOWED.
The skeleton races and slices Kat DOWN.  (she has zero hp)

Immeril, immobilized,
Two tiles away from the nearest monster.  Immeril is unable to do anything.
So he uses Fey Step to bring himself one tile closer to the skeleton.  He stands in the Crypt of Sergei Von Zarovich.
A scorching burst DEFEATS the skeleton.  (+2 xp, 8 total)
Chooses an item: torch.  (reaction unknown)
Encounter event-attack: Gray Ooze.  Immeril spends Dispel Magic to cancel it.
The ghoul misses Arjhan.
The wraith moves next to the stairs at the Start Tile.

Arjhan, slowed,
relies on his Holy Avenger to make the difference with Cleave striking the ghoul and DEFEATING it.  An extra -1 hp on the gargoyle DEFEATS it as well.  (+5 xp, 13 total)
Chooses to take an item: animal.  (reaction is unknown)
Moves his two squares north to the north-most of edge of his tile.
Explores a chapel.  It’s passage continues north.  (white)
Draws a kobold skirmisher.
It throws a javelin and misses.

Kat, down and slowed,
uses the first of two healing surges.   She has 4 hp.
She uses her Dagger Barrage to DEFEAT the wraith one tile away.  (+3 xp, 16 total)
The wraith screams but no one hears her.
Kat takes an item: skull.  She spends the xp to reveal it is “calm”.  (-5 xp, 11 total)
She moves two squares north into the laboratory.
Encounter environment: Cackling skull.

moves north and explores the Crypt of Artemis.  (black)
Draws a rat swarm.
Encounter environment: Crippling miasma.
The rats move into Immeri’s tile and causes -1 hp damage (2 hp left)

uses Trapping Strike to lure the kobold adjacent to him.  However, he rolls a crippling “1”.
He moves his maximum speed of 4 (due to the environment), reaching the north-most edge of the tile.
Explores a tile with passages north and east circling into the explored areas of the dungeon.  (white)
The kobold pierces him with a spear for -1 hp but the wolf pounces him for another -1 hp and Arjhan is SLOWED.
(Arjhan has 2 hp left)

uses Snipe Shot to defeat Rat Swarm.  (+1 xp, 12 total)
She takes an item: food.  (reaction unknown)
She walks north to the west-most edge of Crypt of Artemis.
Explores a crypt corner, its passage turns north.  (black)
Draws a blazing skeleton but uses her Stealth power to cancel it.
Encounter event: Passage of Time.  Each hero suffers -1 hp.
(Kat has 3 hp, Immeril has 1 hp, Arjhan has 1 hp)

desperate to find the workshop, he steps to the far north through the crypt corner.
He explores a junction tile, passages west, north and east.  (black)
Draws a blazing skeleton.
Encounter event: Mists of terror.  All heroes escape unscathed.
The blazing skeleton blasts Immeril in a raging fireball and is DOWN.

Arjhan, slowed,
moves one square onto the wolf’s tile.
He DEFEATS the wolf with the Cleave.  (+1 xp, 13 total)
Gains treasure fortune: Daze.
Encounter event: Illusionary Trick.  Arjhan trades places with the blazing skeleton.
The kobold moves one tile north.

moves northeast adjacent to Arjhan.  She feels the workshop is close.
To her dismay, she explores an open dungeon with exits west, north, and south.  (black)
The treasure fortune, Daze, prevents a monster from appearing.
Encounter event-attack: Green Slime.  The party chooses to cancel it.  (-5 xp, 8 total)

Immeril, down,
spends the second Healing Surge and has 3 hp.
He moves to the tile, shared with Kat and Arjhan, and faces east.
Finally, he reveals the workshop.  (white)
Golem moves one tile west, with the heroes.
The blazing skeleton moves one tile east towards the heroes for an epic showdown.

Uses his Unstoppable power to regain 2 hp (3 total).
He shows the golem the animal – reveals to be CALM.
Arjhan moves one tile towards the Start Tile.
Encounter event: Treasure Chest:  Arjhan draws a card unharmed.
Draws Lucky Find earning a Lucky Charm.
The golem slams Kat for -2 hp damage.  (1 left)
The kobold skimisher moves one tile closer.

rushes to the golem and shows a skull – (known to be) CALM.
Uses Potion of Rejuvenation to re-power Dagger Barrage.
Encounter trap: Alarm.  The heroes choose to cancel it.  (-5 XP, 3 left)
The golem slams Immeril for -2 hp.  (1 left) and is cast back one dungeon tile.

down to his final point of health, runs to the golem carrying a torch and food.  This is the difference between life and death.  Victory and defeat.
Without the benefit of experience, Immeril reaches and chooses food.   Reveals to be – ENRAGE.
Both Kat and Immeril are DOWN.
The golem moves one tile south adjacent to Arjhan.
The blazing skeleton move one tile east.

finds himself alone in front of the enraged golem.  With no items to pacify it, no friends able to stand with him, he takes his last deep breath and lets out a violent scream.

The heroes are defeated.  The end.



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