Wrath of Ashardalon: The long hallway

IMG_0558The long hallway tile, from Wrath of Ashardalon, introduced a little variety from its predecessor, Castle Ravenloft.   While introducing a new game mechanic, it fueled more questions to an already terse rulebook.  After scouring forums, we’ve brought the general consensus to you and it won’t make anyone feel like they’re cheating.

What is a long hallway, thematically speaking?
Your heroes will come across a hallway that stretches deep into both darkness and monstrous evil.  You’ll need to make your way through at least two monsters to reach the other side.

What is a long hallway, game play speaking?
Instead of exploring (placing one the table from the stack) one tile – you’ll immediately place and explore a second tile.

Will I add a monster for each?
Yes, you will draw a monster card for each new tile and positioning them on its own scorch mark.  The hero who drew the long hallway tile is responsible activating both monsters.

Will I draw more than one encounter card?
Simple rule to remember, you’ll never draw more than one encounter card per turn.  The game is difficult enough.  If the long hallway tile or the following tile has a black triangle, you are required to draw (at your choice, cancel) one encounter.  If both new tiles have white triangles, consider yourself lucky and draw none.

Can I be so unlucky and draw two long hallways one after the other?
Yes, yes you can.  You’ll have three new monsters to deal with and likely end up with an encounter.  Good luck to you.

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