Legend of Drizzt: Siege of Darkness (12/31/2013)

IMG_0556Adventure 7: Siege of Darkness,

features three tough guys from Dungeons and Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt.   This is a story for musclebound heroes who defeat monsters and close pesky fissures in the Underdark.

Bruenor Battlehammer, Dwarf fighter
Notched axe, Clan Battlehammer shield, Power strike
2 utility powers: Dwarven ale, Counterstrike stance
1 treasure: Necklace of speed

Wulfgar, Human barbarian
1 at-will power: Recuperating strike
1 daily power: Bear hug
1 utility power: Stubborn strength
1 treasure: Bracers of blinding strike

Arthogate, Dwarf battlerager
Cracker, Whacker, Double strike
1 daily: Morningstar flurry
1 utility: Figurine of Snort
1 treasure: Brooch of shielding

heads south from the Start Tile.  He finds refuge in the secret cave safe from encounters.
He moves his stance to counterstrike.
A monster will appear at fissure 16-20 (to be known as the “south fissure”).
Draws a feral troll!
The troll moves one tile closer to Bruenor.

moves northeast into the crystal shard tile.  Fissure 11-15 is there (to be known as the “northeast fissure”).
He inflicts 1 damage to the fissure (2 more to close it).
Encounter trap: Shock trap.
A monster will appear at fissure 1-5 (to be known as the “north fissure”).
Draws a hunting drake.
Shock trap inflicts -3 hp to Wulfgar (9 remaining).
The hunting drake moves two tiles.

moves east to fissure 6-10 (to be known as southeast fissure).
He inflicts 1 damage to the fissure (2 more to close).
A monster will appear at the south fissure.
Draws a spider swarm.
Event: Overrun.  Each hero takes 1 hp damage.
Bruenor has 9 hp, Wulfgar has 8 hp, and Arthogate has 7 hp.
The spider swarm moves one tile north shared with the troll.

escapes the secret cave and makes himself adjacent to the troll and the spider swarm.
With notched axe, he hits the troll (spends 1st of 3 power strike tokens) inflicting -2 hp damage.  (2 remaining).
With a headbutt, he sacrifices a hit point (8 remaining) inflicted on the spider swarm.  The spiders are DEFEATED (+2 xp, 2 total)
Gains treasure: Cat’s eye headband.
A monster will appear at the south fissure.
Draws a drow duelist.
Encounter event: Volcanic spray.  No heroes hurt.
The troll knocks Bruenor two tiles north suffering -3 hp (5 left) and is unable to counterstrike.
The drow duelist moves north one tile adjacent to the troll.

chooses to endure the trap and successfully closes the northeast fissure.
A monster will appear at the southeast fissure.
Draws a second hunting drake.  It is placed on the same tile as Arthogate.
Encounter event: Volcanic spray.  No heroes hurt.
The shock trap costs Wulfgar -3 hp (5 remaining).
The drake near Arthogate attack him and hits for -1 hp (6 left).
The other drake runs to Bruenor and strikes him for -1 hp (4 left).
The troll moves one tile north and is fully healed.
Bruenor’s counterstrike hits the Drake with a “20”. (+1 xp, 3 total)
Bruenor earns treasure: Flask of oil.

chooses to ignore the drake hounding him and closes the southeast fissure.
With the closing of the second fissure, Yvonnel appears at the north fissure at full health of 9 hp.
A monster will appear at the south fissure.
Draws a goblin archer.
Yvonnel powers has Arthogate draw an Enounter attack: Dire Corby Flock.  Arthogate, with help of his brooch, suffers only -1 hp (5 hp remaining).
The feral troll moves into Bruenor’s tile, attacks and misses.
The goblin archer moves one tile north.

moves his stance position to shield.
He chooses not to move for Drawven ale.  He regains +2 hp (6 remaining).
He strikes the troll using his 2nd of 3 power strikes for -2 hp damage (2 remaining)
With a headbutt, he sacrifices a hp (5 remaining) for -1 hp damage to the troll (1 renaming).
A monster will not appear.
Yvonnel powers has Bruenor draw an Encounter trap: The Juicer.
The drow duelist moves one tile north.
The troll strikes Bruenor for -3 hp (2 remaining) and knocks him back 2 tiles.
The Juicer squeezes the troll, killing it.  Ironic, Bruenor is saved but the party gets no experience points.
The Juicer moves east into Arthogate’s tile.

Moving his maximum rate, 7 squares, he is adjacent to Yvonnel.
With recuperating strike, he misses.  With his bracers of blinding strike, he attacks again and misses.
A goblin cutter appears at the north fissure.
Yvonnel strikes Wulfgar with her dagger for -1 hp who is POISONED.  (4 hp remaining)
Yvonnel moves one tile south and is adjacent to Bruenor.
The hunting drake strikes Arthogate for -1 hp (4 left).
The goblin cutter moves adjacent to Wulfgar and inflicts -1 hp with his crude dagger (3 left).

moves 6 squares adjacent to Yvonnel.
He calls on the Figurine of Snort to summon him.
A monster will not appear.
Yvonnel attacks Arthogate and misses.  She moves one tile east.
Snort strikes Yvonnel for -1 hp (8 remaining).
The goblin archer moves north one tile.

with only 2 hp left, moves east and attacks Yvonnel with botched axe using his last power strike for -2 hp damage.  Yvonnel has 6 hp remaining).
Uses his headbutt.  Yvonnel has 5 hp remaining while Bruenor has only 1.
No monster will appear.
Yvonnel attacks Bruenor.   His shield stance protects him.  Yvonnel moves one tile west.
The drow duelist moves one tile east.
The Juicer smashes the hunting drake and the trap moves west.

Wulfgar, poisoned,
endures -1 hp damage (2 remaining).
He uses his stubborn strength power to overcome it.
Uses his power Bear Hug, but misses its full potential inflicting -3 hp (an additional -1 from rage) on Yvonnel (2 remaining).
No monster will appear.
Yvonnel misses with her dagger and moves east.
The goblin cutter moves south adjacent to Snort and hits it for -1 hp (2 remaining).

moves adjacent to Yvonnel uses his first of two double strike tokens.
Attack #1: Morningstar flurry misses yet causes -1 hp on Yvonnel (1 remaining).
Attack #2: Cracker misses.
A second drow duelist appears at the south fissure.
Yvonnel misses Arthogate and moves west.
Snort attacks and DEFEATS Yvonnel!  (+5 xp, 8 total)
No treasure gained.
Goblin archer moves east sharing the tile with The Juicer.
Both drow duelists move one tile closer to the heroes.  One of them, shares the tile with Bruenor and Arthogate.

attacks and misses the drow duelist adjacent to him.
With aid of his necklace of speed, reaches the north fissure.
No monster will appear.
All drow duelists activate.
The first, will move one tile north into an empty space.
The second, moves adjacent to Arthogate striking him twice for -2 hp (2 remaining).
The Juicer smashes a goblin archer and moves one tile north with Arthogate.

moves his maximum to the lonely other drow duelist sharing the tile with it (but not adjacent).
He uses Aegis-Fang and DEFEATS it.  (According to rules, the drow duelist card is removed from Arthogate)
The party earns +2 xp, totaling 10.
A water elemental appears at the north fissure.
A goblin cutter moves adjacent to Arthogate and cuts him for -1 hp (1 remaining).
The water elemental attacks Bruenor with a slam and misses.

Takes the risk yet successfully DISARMS The Juicer!
He moves at his maximum towards the south fissure.
A goblin archer appears at the north fissure.
Snort moves into the north fissure and bursts both the water elemental and the goblin archer.
The water elemental has 1 hp remaining, the goblin is DEFEATED.  (+1 xp, 11 total)
No treasure is earned.

Turns his back to the water elemental and strikes the fissure twice (1 remaining to close).
No monster will appear.
The drow duelist moves one tile south trailing Wolfgar and Arthogate.

Needing to move his maximum navigating around jagged walls, Wulfar reaches the south fissure.
He attacks the fissure (2 remaining to close).
No monsters will appear.
The water elemental attacks Snort but misses.
The goblin cutter moves one tile west, just south of the north fissure.

leaving the south fissure in Wulfgar’s hands, he retreats north adjacent to the drow duelist.
He DEFEATS the drow with a Cracker.  (+2 xp, 13 total)
Gains treasure: Mask of disguise.
A water elemental appears at the south fissure!
Snort, activates first, and the hero’s only hope to survive the adventure.
Snort attacks the water elemental at the north fissure and DEFEATS it!  (+2 xp, 15 total)
By rule, the newly placed card controlled by Arthogate is pulled and collected.
The water elemental at the south fissure attacks Wulfgar, rolls a “1” and misses.

Closes the fissure with a final attack.
He moves two tiles towards the south fissure.
No monster will appear.

Keeps his back turned to the water elemental and closes the last fissure.  There will be no more monsters.
The water elemental slams Wulfgar, he is DOWN!
The goblin cutter moves adjacent to Bruenor, weak at 1 hp, and misses.

who has 1 hp left, moves adjacent to the goblin cutter.
He depletes his double strike, missing with cracker but hits with whacker.  (+1 xp, 16 total)
Gains treasure: Cure potion.
Snort moves adjacent to Arthogate.

moves south only managing to reach one tile north of Wulfgar and the elemental.

spends the first Healing Surge.  He has 6 hp.
His recuperating strike misses.  His bracers allow a second attack with it.
It hits for -1 hp (1 remaining), Wulfgar now has 7 hp.
The elemental slams Wulfgar for -2 hp (5 hp remaining).

Moves two tiles towards the south fissure.
He uses his cure potion to restore to 2 hp.
Snort follows two tiles and is one tile behind Arthogate.

stays one tile away and throws his flask of oil and evaporates the water elemental.
With all fissures closed, all monsters and villains defeated, the heroes win!





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