Legend of Drizzt: Exile with Drizzt (12/30/2013)

Guenhwyvar comes to Drizzt's rescue after the Feral Troll knocks him back.

Guenhwyvar comes to Drizzt’s rescue after the Feral Troll knocks him back.

Drizzt Do’Urden goes into exile in the Dungeons and Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt Adventure 1 Exile.  He’s alone and cast from the city of Menzoberranzan.  Wrath of Lolth’s minions are after him.  An exciting solo adventure with a breath taking ending.

Drizzt must fight his way though the Underdark and find his way to the surface.

A solo adventure with one healing surge.

Drizzt Do’Urden, Drow Ranger
Icingdeath, Twinkle
1 daily power: Twin Strike
2 utility powers: Figurine of Guenhwyvar, Cloud of Darkness
1 treasure item: Item of Bracers of the Blinding Strike  (genuinely randomly drawn)

stands at the base of the ladder of the Start Tile.  There are passages west, southwest, north, and east.
He walks to the western edge of the tile and activates Guenhwyvar who stands next to him.
Explores a passage way with only exit curves to south.  (white)
Draws a goblin cutter.
Drizzt’s panther pounces the goblin and DEFEATS it.  (+1 XP, 1 total)
(defeating monster by ally does not result in a treasure item)

moves into the tile west, reaching the southern edge.
Explores a Narrow Passage with exit turning east.  (white)
Draws another goblin cutter.
The panther, two tiles away from the goblin, moves adjacent to Drizzt.
The goblin moves adjacent to Drizzt and cuts him with its dagger for -1 hp (7 remaining)

with a second attempt with Twinkle, he DEFEATS the goblin.  (+1 XP, 2 total)
A stance token is placed on the Twinkle card.
Gains treasure: Quick Strike.  It is wasted and immediately discarded.
Moves into the narrow passage south and stands at its eastern edge.
Explores a Drawven Statue.  Passages open north into the Start Tile and south.  (white)
Draws the feared, loathsome Feral Troll!
Drizzt’s panther runs adjacent to him.  Both are greatly susceptible inside the narrow passage.
The troll moves adjacent and claws Drizzt.  His stance reduces the damage to -2 hp (5 remaining).
Drizzt is kicked back to the western half of the Start Tile.

moves into the tile of the Dwarven Statue, adjacent to the Feral Troll.  He is no longer penalized -4 AC being inside the narrow passage.
With a Twinkle, Drizzt strikes the troll -1 hp (3 remaining), and places the stance token on the card.
Using his bracers, Drizzt gets a free attack with Icingdeath.  He hits, striking for -1 hp (2 remaining).
With Icingdeath, he misses rolling a “1”.
Encounter trap: Poison Arrow Trap.  Drizzt is POISONED.Guenhwyvar moves adjacent to both the troll and Drizzt out of the narrow passage.
It attacks and strikes the troll for -1 hp (1 remaining).
The feral troll strikes Drizzt  His stance reduces the damage to -2 hp (3 remaining).  He is thrown back two tiles back to the far tile of the Start Tile.

Drizzt, poisoned,
suffers -1 hp from the poison (2 remaining) and cannot shake off the poison.
Returns to the troll’s tile and disarms the trap!
With a Twinkle, he misses the troll.
With his bracers, the Twinkle barely hits the troll and DEFEATS it.  (+4 XP, 6 total)
Gains treasure: Harrowed Experience.  Drizzt’s experience now totals 7.
Encounter event: From the Shadows.  A Dinin Do’Urden, Drider appears!
Guenhwyvar attacks and strikes the drider for -1 hp (1 remaining).
The drider attacks Drizzt, and with a “1” misses!

Drizzt, poisoned,
suffers -1 hp from the poison (1 remaining) and cannot shake off the poison.
With Icingdeath, rolling an “18” strikes the drider for -2 hp (1 remaining) and DEFEATS it.  (+4 XP, 11 total)
Gains treasure: Cure Potion.
Moves to the southern edge of the Drawven Statue tile.
Explores a tile with passages south and east.  (black)
Draws a goblin cutter.
Encounter event: Volcanic Explosion.   Drizzt is unharmed.
Guenhwyvar attacks and DEFEATS the goblin.  (+1 XP, 12 total)
No treasure earned.

Drizzt, poisoned,
and is DOWN after suffering -1 hp.

Drizzt, poisoned,
spends his Healing Surge (with 4 hp) and uses his Cure Potion.  He is no longer poisoned.
Moves to the tile south on its eastern unexplored side adjacent to the panther.
Explores a tile with passages north, south, and east.  (black)
Draws a Drow duelist.
Encounter event-attack: Baruchie Colony.  Drizzt is POISONED again.
Guenhwyvar attacks the duelist and misses with a “1”.
The duelist strikes the panther twice, hitting once for -1 hp (1 remaining).

Drizzt, poisoned,
Suffers -1 hp (3 remaining)
Drizzt moves to a square adjacent to the duelist and at the northern unexplored edge of the tile.
After a series of failed attacks including rolling a “1”, Drizzt’s final allowed attack strikes the duelist and DEFEATS it.  (+2 XP, 14 total).
He cannot overcome the poison.
Explores a volcanic vent tile.  Its only exit is to the east.  (black)
Draws a stalagmite event.  No monster is placed.
Encounter event: Cave Fisher’s Lair.  Drizzt is IMMOBILIZED.

A cave fisher snags you with a sticky web, dragging you into the clutches of an opportunistic ally!

A new Dwarven Tile is placed to the tile south of Drizzt.  It has open passages to the west and east.
Draws a spider swarm there.
Guenhwyvar races to the swarm and DEFEATS it.  (+2 XP, 16 total)
No treasure earned.

Drizzt, poisoned and immobilized,
suffers -1 hp (2 remaining) and again fails to overcome his malady.
Immobilized, Drizzt is unable to do anything.
He overcomes his malady.
Encounter event: Rock Slide.  Drizzt spends XP to cancel it.  (-5 XP, 11 total)
Guenhwyvar returns to Drizzt’s side.

Drizzt, poisoned,
takes -1 hp damage (1 remaining) and will successfully overcome his malady.
No longer immobilized, moves to the east-most unexplored edge.
Explores a volcanic vent tile with its only exit is north.  (black)
Draws a drow duelist.
Encounter event-attack: Dire Colby Flock.  Drizzt is forced to cancel it. (-5 XP, 6 total)
Guenhwyvar rushes to the duelist and strikes it down.  (+2 XP, 8 total)
No treasure earned.

with 1 hp remaining steps to the north-most unexplored edge of the volcanic vent tile.
Explores a tile of passages west and north.  (black)
Draws an hypnotic spirit.
Encounter trap: The Juicer.  Drizzt is forced to cancel (-5 XP, 3 total)
Guenhwyvar rushes to defend Drizzt and misses the hypnotic spirit.
The spirit howls, but the panther does not hear.  No one is hurt.

moves into the tile north joining the spirit and his panther.  He stands adjacent to the spirit and to the northern unexplored edge.
Attacks the spirit with Icingdeath rolling a “20”!  (+1 XP, 4 total)
The 4th XP earned is insufficient to level up.
Gains treasure: Scrimshaw Charm.
Explores the underground river tile (white).  Draws a water elemental who stands guard there.
The narrow passage/surface hollow tile lies beyond.  Both a feral troll and a drow wizard lurk!
Guenhwyvar rushes ahead of Drizzt, stands on the far side of the bridge.   Adjacent to the water elemental attacks it for -1 hp (1 remaining).
The water elemental slams the panther for -2 hp and DEFEATS Guenhwyvar.  It is removed from the board.
The drow wizard teleports to Drizzt’s tile.  With a blast of fire he misses Drizzt.
The feral troll, two tiles away, moves onto the underground river bridge, adjacent across tiles with Drizzt.


The entire session comes down to this. Three monsters, one hit point, and only one way out.

is surrounded.  Begins attack with Twin Strike.  Strikes troll with -2 hp (2 remaining).  Its second of twin strikes the drow wizard and it is DEFEATED.  (+3 XP, 7 total)
Gains treasure: Bolster.  Drizzt now has 2 hp.
With sweat on his elvish brow, Drizzt turns to Icingdeath to the troll – strikes for -1 hp (1 remaining).
His magic bracers allow another attack, with Icingdeath – he defeats the troll!  (+4 XP, 11 total)
Earns treasure: Heavy Cloak.
Able to maneuver, Drizzt rushes across the bridge, sidesteps the water elemental near the far side of the narrow passage.
Drizzt uses his Cloud of Darkness.  The water elemental does not activate.

makes it to the surface hollow and survives the adventure with victory!




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