Wrath of Ashardalon: Roghar’s Gear (12/28/2013)

IMG_0542We twist the back story behind Wrath of Ashardalon, Adventure 3: Roghar’s Gear, as two miscreants, Tarak and Heskan, decide to go on a scavenger hunt into Firestorm Peak.   Overhearing an embellished tale told by Roghar, injured and drunk on ale, the two so called heroes decide to search for treasure and ego.

“Did I mention, it was filled with gold and treasure?”, said Roghar finishing off his third mug of ale in under an hour telling his tale for the second time to whoever wanted to listen.  Unpopular renegades, Tarak and Heskan, sitting alone in the corner, overhear.  Without a word, both quietly stand and exit the pub.


Tarak, half-Orc Rogue
Furious Assault
1 utility power: Tumbling Escape
2 at-will powers: Lucky Strike, Positioning Shot
1 daily power: Tornado Strike
1 treasure: Potion of Healing

Heskan, Dragonborn Wizard
Hurled Breath
1 utility power: Invisibility
2 at-will powers: Ray of Frost, Arc Lightning
1 daily power: Spectral Ram
1 treasure: Ring of Shooting Stars

2 healing surges on the table.  The Start Tile begins at the bottom of the board with passageways west, northwest, northeast, and east.

Steps to the edge to the northwest.
He explores a hallway tile with passages west and east.  (black)
An orc smasher appears.
Encounter event: Frenzied Leap.  A Grell appears west on the edge of Tarak’s tile.
The orc smasher moves adjacent to Tarak (across tiles) and strikes him with a mace for -1 hp (7 remaining).The grell moves adjacent to Tarak and strikes him with its tentacles for -1 hp (6 remaining).  Tarak is DAZED.

moves adjacent to Tarak’s right, sharing a tile.
He uses his Ring of Shooting stars to strike the grell for -1 hp (1 remaining).
With Arc Lighting, he DEFEATS the grell.  (+2 XP, 2 total)
Collects treasure: Amulet of Protection.
The orc smasher is hit taking -1 hp (1 remaining).
Encounter trap: Rolling Boulder.  Both heroes take -2 hp damage.  Tarak has 4 hp remaining, Heskan has 4.

uses his Potion of Healing for +2 hp (6 remaining).
Dazed, he attacks the orc smasher with Lucky Strike and DEFEATS it.  (+2 XP, 4 total)
Encounter event-attack: Waking Dream.  Tarak is DAZED again suffering -1 hp (5 remaining).

successfully disarms the boulder trap.
He steps one square north into the tile north at its eastern edge.
Explores a passage that continues east and south into the Start Tile.  (black)
Draws a human cultist.
Encounter event-attack: Bullseye!  Heskan is struck -1 hp (3 remaining).
Human cultist runs adjacent to Heskan and strikes him with a dagger for -1 hp (2 remaining ) and Heskan is POISONED.

DEFEATS the human cultist with a Lucky Strike.  (+1 XP, 5 total)
Gains treasure item: Shield of Protection.
Dazed, he cannot move.
Encounter event-attack: Fungal Bloom.  The Heroes spend 5 XP to cancel it.  (-5 XP, zero total)

is poisoned and takes -1 hp (1 remaining) and fails to overcome his malady.
Moves to the western edge of his tile and explores a passageway leading north and south.  (black)
Draws a snake.
Encounter curse: Bloodlust.
Snake moves adjacent to Heskan, attacks but misses.

Dazed, he DEFEATS the snake with a Lucky Strike.  (+1 XP, 1 total)
Gains treasure: Dwarven Hammer
Encounter event-attack: Poisoned Arrow.  Tarak is struck and POISONED, suffering -2 hp.  (3 remaining)

suffers -1 hp from his poisoning and is DOWN.  He fails to overcomes his condition.

takes -1 hp from his poisoned condition (1 remaining) but manages to overcome it.
He moves northwest  and explores a long hallway (black) the far tile continues the passage west and east.
Draws a grell for the near tile, the hallway.
Draws a gibbering mouther for the far tile.
Encounter event: Unbearable Heat.  Tarak suffers -1 hp and is DOWN.

Spends the first of two Healing Surges, and has 3 hp.
He immediately suffers -1 hp due to poisoning and fails again to shake off the poison.   Heskan suffers another -1 hp damage from his curse (1 hp remaining)
He moves into the long hallway and uses his Arc Lightning to attack the grell (misses) and gibbering mouthing (hits for 1 hp with 1 remaining).
Encounter environment: Kobold Trappers.Grell moves one tile closer to both Tarak and Heskan.
Gibbering mouther strikes Heskan and he is DOWN.

The scavengers concede and exit the dungeon as quickly as they came.   Roghar’s gear remains lost.   Its contents, remains a mystery.

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