Dungeons and Dragons: Ghoul

The Ghoul,

was a cruel creature of the undead.  From Monster Manual I, the tome describes the feeder of corpses as cruel and deranged.  It was a reason to avoid graveyards at night.

“Any human killed by a ghoulish attack will become a ghoul …”

Inspired by the art found in the manual, I depicted ghouls as dangerous undead cannibals.  There was something chilling about the ghoul desecrated hallowed ground feeding on the deceased.    Of course, ghouls don’t merely occupy the graveyard they curse it.

A ghoul is especially effective against low level heroes after mastering the skeleton and zombie but nowhere ready to challenge a lich.  Its ability to paralyze was extremely intimidating, requiring a number of adventurers with lucky rolls to defeat it.  Ghouls are only seen at night or in darkness where natural light is unable to bless the living.

Trivia: There is a marine cousin of the ghoul, known as the Lacedon.  To my memory it has never made an appearance in my adventures.

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