Arkham Horror diaries prologue (9/1/2013)


Arkham Horror with Innsmouth expansion after several hours setup.

The story so far

Agent Roland Banks had enough with the testimonies at Arkham Asylum.   Repeated stories about monsters lurking in the city and nearby Innsmouth made him put the book down and take matters into his own hands.  In a stroke of luck or fate, he catches Trish Scarborough looking too hard for answers of questions no one wants asked.  Hiding behind his chiseled jawline and by-the-book persona, he persuades Trish to join him, simply because she had caught his eye.  Meanwhile, he deputizes rookie cop Tommy Muldoon to help get him around Arkham as well to take advantage of Muldoon’s heroism.  Finally, the group recruits ex-con, “Skids” O’Toole.   They figure OToole’s background can help get things done where the law cannot.   With his faithful dog, Duke at his side, Roland Banks is determined to solve his greatest case.


This Arkham Horror game session is with the Innsmouth Horror and Miskatonic expansions.  The Ancient One is Ghatanothoa.  There are no heralds.  The Institution is The Bureau of InvestigationsPersonal stories are in effect.

Mythos cards (146)
67 Original
36 Innsmouth
43 Miskatonic

Gate cards (65)
49 Original
16 Innsmouth

Location cards (121)
63 Original
42 Innsmouth
16 Miskatonic

Investigator skill cards (21)
20 Original
1 Miskatonic

Common items (44 original)

Spells (44 original)

Unique items (39 original)
4 of which are Elder Signs

Ally Cards (11 original)

Innsmouth Look cards (15)
10 Original
5 Innsmouth


Roland Banks, the Fed

  • Common item(s) .18 Derringer
  • Unique item(s) Gladius of Carcosa
  • Spell(s) None
  • Skill: Stealth
  • $3, 2 clues
  • Ally: Duke (+1 Maximum Sanity)
  • 5 Sanity, 6 Stamina
  • s/s is 3/2, f/w  is 3/3, l/l is 2/3

Trish Scarborough, the Spy

  • Common item(s) Tommy Gun, Old journal, Lucky cigarette case
  • Unique item(s) The King in Yellow tome, Holy Water
  • Spell(s) None
  • Skill: Stealth
  • $4, 2 clues
  • 6 Sanity, 4 Stamina
  • f/s is 1/3, l/w  is 2/1, s/l is 1/0

Tommy Muldoon, the Rookie Cop

  • Common item(s) Understudy’s Script, Knife, Rifle, Map of Arkham
  • Unique item(s) Cabala of Saboth
  • Spell(s) None
  • Skill: Sneak
  • $2, 2 clues
  • 6 Sanity, 4 Stamina
  • s/s is 3/1, f/w  is 4/2, l/l is 3/3

Skids O’Toole, the Ex-Convict

  • Common item(s) Fine Clothing, Ancient Tome, Axe
  • Unique item(s) Nameless Cults
  • Spell(s) None
  • Skill: Will
  • $5, 3 clues
  • 3 Sanity, 7 Stamina
  • s/s is 3/2, f/w  is 3/2, l/l is 2/3

The Witch House opens a gate to the Great Hall of Celeano.  One clue is lost while another appears at the Black Cave.  A Deep One walks out of the gate!  The Doom track is at 1.

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