Castle Ravenloft: Impossible (8/30/2013)

CR_083013Here is an abbreviated session Dungeon and Dragons Castle Ravenloft board game.  It was the challenging solo Adventure 7: Impossible.  Nicknamed “sore loser”, this session shows how unfair, unkind, and uneasy the game can be.

The Heroes have been separated just as Strahd’s most-power allies prepare to invade the town of Barovia.

Rolling a “4”, the first hero is  Immeril, Eladrin Wizard

Fey Step

1 Utility power: Dispel Magic

2 At-Will powers: Magic Missile, Thunderwave

1 Daily power: Lightning Bolt

Treasure item: Potion of healing

AC 14, Hp 6, Speed 6, Surge value 3 Hp



Immeril, starts at foot of the stairs.  He goes directly north to the unexplored edge.

Explores an open tile space with passages west, north, and east.  (black)

Draws a Spider.

Encounter event:  Frenzy

Spider acidic web strikes Immeril.  He suffers -1 hp (5) and is SLOWED.  The spider moves adjacent.

Frenzy allows the Spider to attack.  Its venomous bite misses but Immeril suffers -1 hp (4).



Immeril, uses his potion of healing +2 hp (6).

His Magic Missile misses the Spider.

He moves 1 square northwest, exploring the tile to the west.

Explores the Fetid Den!  (white)

One of Strahd’s allies stands, the Werewolf.

Werewolf moves adjacent to Immeril and hits him with a bite for -1 hp (5).

Spider bites for -2 hp (3).



Immeril, moves into the center of the Fetid Den.

He launches Lightning Bolt striking the Werewolf -2 hp (3).

The Spider is DEFEATED (+2 XP, 2 total)

Treasure fortune: Level up.  It is wasted.

Encounter environment: Blood Fog.

Werewolf moves adjacent to Immeril.  It regains +1 hp (4) and bites.  Immeril suffers -1 hp (2).



Immeril, moves into the center of the tile to the east.  With Magic Missile, he strikes the Werewolf with a natural “18”.  Werewolf takes -2 hp (2).

Encounter environment: Music of the Damned.

Immeril uses his Discard Magic to cancel it.  He doesn’t want to give up Blood Fog.

Werewolf moves adjacent to Immeril.  It regains +1 hp (3) and bites.

Immeril takes damage of -1 hp (1).



Immeril, moves to the tile west. His Magic Missiles misses.

Encounter event-attack: Icy Corridor.   This results in the DEFEAT of Immeril.


The next hero selected is Kat, Human Rogue.

Sneak Attack

1 Utility power: Stealth

2 At-will powers: Snipe Shot, Deft Strike

1 Daily: Riposte Strike

Treasure item: Ring of Regeneration

AC 14, Hp 8, Speed 6, Surge value 4 hp



Kat, begins at the foot of the stairs using her power Sneak Attack.

Moves 4 squares north to the edge of tile north of her.  She is one tile away from the Werewolf.

Attacks the Werewolf with Snipe Shot, causing -2 hp (1).

Encounter event: Ghost of Prince Aurel.  Kat loses Riposte Strike and her only hope to defeat the regenerating Werewolf.

At this moment, the Hero curses fate, turns around, and leaves!



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