Dungeons and Dragons: Minotaur

The Minotaur

From Dungeons and Dragons: Monster Manual I, the Minotaur thanks its origins to Greek Mythology.  A horrible, ruthless villain it thought nothing less than to taunt and destroy heroes.

” … typically found only in labyrinthine places in the wilderness or underground.”


Encountering a labyrinth or maze seems always brings paranoia to a group of adventurers.  When the team realizes they are not only lost but disoriented they soon figure out its best to listen for unaccounted hoof steps nearby.  The Minotaur most always made solitary appearances in my adventures.  According to the manual, the Minotaur wasn’t restricted to underground but may linger above ground in confusing, twisting trails through woods.   As DM, I’ve always thought the Minotaur was most effective if it was slightly more powerful than the heroes.  The Minotaur comes with a little prestige and infamy.   As a player I feared a large humanoid with horns lurking in shadows.  I can remember hearing it huff, breathing heavily before spinning around and charging with its battle axe.

The Monster Manual makes no references to the origins of the hybrid monster and overlooks the Greek myth entirely.  We are unsure of its reproductive cycle or perhaps they were inventions of evil wizards or born from our nightmares.   Perhaps the belief they were all male is incorrect.



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