Arkham Horror: Monster list from Dunwich Horror expansion

DunwichHorrorBoxLooking to separate monster pieces between the original box and expansions?  Here is the Arkham Horror monster list from Dunwich Horror expansion.  There are twenty-eight (28) monsters including Mask and Spawn.

Provided are reminders that a monster found in Dunwich Horror expansion is also found in the base game.







There are a total of eighteen (18) monsters to the Monster Cup.

  • Colour Out of Space x2
  • Cultist (in Arkham Horror)
  • Dark Young (in Arkham Horror)
  • Formless Spawn (in Arkham Horror)
  • Goat Spawn x2
  • Hunting Horror
  • Mummy
  • Rat-thing x2
  • Spectral Hunter
  • Star Vampire
  • Tcho-tcho x2
  • Wizard Whateley
  • Wraith x2


The following are Spawn monsters and should be kept separate from the monster cup.  They are indicated by a red circle in the lower left corner of their movement side.  Spawn monsters are not added to the monster cup.  Instead, they enter play through special rules.  There are a total of nine (9) Spawn monsters.

  • Child of Abhoth x 3
  • Servant of Glaski x5
  • The Dunwich Horror


The following is the Mask monsters and should be kept separate from the monster cup.  There is only one (1) Mask monster.

  • The Beast



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