Arkham Horror: Monster list from Innsmouth Horror expansion

AH_InnsmouthHorrorLooking to separate monster pieces between the original box and expansions?  Here is the Arkham Horror monster list from Innsmouth Horror expansion.  There are thirty-two (32) monsters including Mask and Spawn.

Provided are reminders that a monster found in Innsmouth Horror expansion is also found in the base game.






There are a total of twenty-five (25) monsters to the Monster Cup.

  • Barnabas Marsh
  • Cultist (in Arkham Horror)
  • Deep One x 6
  • Deep One Hybrid x 4
  • Elder Thing (in Arkham Horror)
  • Lloigor x 3
  • Mi-Go (in Arkham Horror)
  • Priest of Dagon
  • Proto-Shoggoth x 4
  • Servitor of Outer Gods
  • Shoggoth x 2  (in Arkham Horror)

The following are Spawn monsters and should be kept separate from the monster cup.  They are indicated by a red circle in the lower left corner of their movement side.  Spawn monsters are not added to the monster cup.  Instead, they enter play through special rules.  There are a total of five (5) Spawn monsters.

  • Being of Ib x 4
  • Tendril of Nyogtha

The following are Mask monsters and should be kept separate from the monster cup.  There are a total of two (2) Mask monsters.

  • Shugeron
  • Wailing Writher



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