Dungeons and Dragons: Rust Monster

The Rust Monster

From Dungeons and Dragons: Monster Manual I, the Rust Monster was a challenging and an unfair creature to “bump into ” underground.

“… they will go after ferrous metal in preference to copper, silver, etc.”

The Rust Monster is a frustrating creature for heroes.  Not only can it strip you of your metal armor and weapons, but it is a level 5 monster.   Dungeon Masters would begin introducing them to characters after they mature, surviving their first few adventures.   Heroes proud, collecting enough gold to upgrade their armor and weapons go back underground to see it stripped away by a clumsy looking reptilian cricket.

It was solely a hazard.   Never would a story would revolve around the lowly metal-eating monster.  The Rust Monster was never popular.   Although once, I remembered a hero took off all his armor and attacked the creature with nothing but a club!

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  1. Eric Robideaux says:

    I remember a small plastic toy that looked EXACTLY like the rust monster pictured above. Seriously.

    During D&D games, whole parties would run from a rust monster! Carrion crawlers were also more dangerous than one would think, especially to a lone adventurer.

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