Legend of Drizzt: The Hunt for Shimmergloom (5/9/2013)


Jarlaxle stands up to the Feral Troll.

This was an interesting session chronicling Dungeon and Dragons Legend of Drizzt board game.  It was a three hero session in the Adventure 3: The Hunt for Shimmergloom.  Jarlaxle, the Drow Swashbuckler, joins the party.

The only thing stopping the reclamation of Clan Battlehammer’s ancestral home is the shadow dragon named Shimmergloom.


Catti-Brie, Human Archer

Khazid’Hea, Taulmaril

1 Daily: Point Blank Shot

2 Utility: Heartseeker Stance, Battle Trance

Treasure item: Wand of Lightning Bolts

Drizzt Do’Urden, Drow Ranger

Icingdeath, Twinkle

1 Daily: Inspirational Strike

2 Utility: Cloud of Darkness, Figurine of Guenhwyvar

Treasure item: Tunnel Map

Jarlaxle Baenre, Drow Mercenary

Dueling Rapier, Bracer of Daggers

1 Daily: Blade Flurry

2 Utility: Darkfire, Item Mastery

Treasure items: Cat’s-Eye Headband, Flask of Oil


2 Healing Surges played.

The Start Tile starts in the middle of the board.  From the ladder, unexplored edges to the north, northeast, southeast, southwest, and west.


Chooses her Heartseeker Stance.
Standing at the western edge, explores a passageway leading west and north.  (black)
Draws a Water Elemental.
Encounter event: Overrun.  Catti, controlling one monster, suffers -1 hp damage (5 health).
Water Elemental moves into the party’s tile and attacks each with a Wave.   Misses Catti and Drizzt, but strikes Jarlaxle for -1 hp (7 health).

Adjacent to the Water Elemental, he attacks with Twinkle.  Striking the monster for -1 hp (1 health), he places a stance token.  His second attack, Icingdeath, hits and DEFEATS the Water Elemental. (+2 XP, 2 total).
Gains fortune: Intimidating Strike.  It is discarded without benefit.
Moves one square south, he explores a Volcanic Vent tile, its passage continues south.  (black)
Draws a Drow Wizard.
Encounter event: Volcanic Spray.  No heroes are injured.
The Drow Wizard teleports into the heroes’ tile and attacks each with a blast of fire.  Drizzt suffers -1 hp (7 health).  Jarlaxle suffers -2 hp (5 health).  Catti is injured for -1 hp (4 health) .

Adjacent to the Drow Wizard, he strikes it with his Dueling Rapier for -1 hp (1 hp remaining).
Jarlaxle moves west one tile to the far western unexplored edge.
Explores a Secret Cave and is a dead end.  (white)
Draws a Feral Troll!
The Troll strikes Jarlaxle for -3 hp (2 health) and is sent east two tiles.
The Feral Troll card is passed to Catti.

While adjacent to the Drow Wizard, she moves one tile east to the northern unexplored edge.
With Taulmaril, she strikes and DEFEATS the Drow Wizard, rolling a “20”.  (+3 XP, 5 total).
LEVEL UP: +2 hp (6 health), new daily power of Head Shot.  (-5 XP, 0 total)
Gains treasure: Camp.  She places the Camp token on her present tile.
Explores a passageway with exits west, north, and east.  (black)
Draws a Goblin Cutter.
Feral Troll moves one tile east adjacent to Drizzt and strikes him for -3 hp (4 health).  Drizzt is tossed two tiles adjacent to the Goblin Cutter.  The Feral Troll card is passed to Drizzt.
The Goblin Cutter attacks and hits Drizzt who takes advantage of his Twinkle stance to nullify the injury.

Moving 5 squares across 2 tiles, Drizzt is adjacent to the Feral Troll.
He uses Icingdeath and strikes the Troll for -1 hp (3 remaining).
Drizzt second attack uses his daily power, Inspirational Strike.  He hits for -2 hp (1 remaining).
Catti-Brie misses.   Jarlaxle strikes and DEFEATS the Feral Troll with his Badge of Daggers.  (+4 XP, total 4)
Jarlaxle gains treasure item; Brooch of Shielding.
Drizzt uses his Tunnel Map to place a new tile to the far east of Jarlaxle.  (black)
Draws a Goblin Archer.
No encounter card is drawn.
The Goblin Archer strikes Catti with its barbed arrow for -2 hp (4 health).

Moves adjacent to the Goblin Archer on the tile north, unexplored edge.
Dueling Rapier misses with a “1”.
Explores a tile with passages north and east.  The west is blocked off from the adjacent tile.  (black)
Draws a Water Elemental.
Encounter event: Volcanic Spray.  No one is injured.
The Water Elemental moves adjacent to Jarlaxle.  It attacks and hits him with a Wave.   His Brooch of Shielding nullifies the -1 hp of damage.  He spends 1 of this 2 charge tokens to keep the Treasure card active.

With her Taulmaril, Catti misses the Water Elemental.
She stays put, opting not to move.
Discarding the Camp token, no encounter card is drawn.
The Goblin Cutter moves adjacent to Catti but on another tile causing -1 hp damage (3 health).

Rushes adjacent to Jarlaxle, the Water Elemental, and the Goblin Archer.
Icingdeath strikes the Water Elemental for -1 hp (1 remaining).
Drizzt activates the Figurine of Guenhwyvar.  It appears next to him adjacent to the Goblin Archer.
He chooses not to move gambling to not introduce new monsters to the board.
Encounter event: Lost.  A new tile is introduced to top of the stack.
Drizzt’s ally panther moves adjacent to the Water Elemental and DEFEATS the Water Elemental.  (+2 XP, 6 total)
The Goblin Archer cowers in fear as it is afraid of Drizzt.

Moves two tiles (4 squares) to be adjacent to the Goblin Cutter while positioned on an unexplored tile on the western edge.
Dueling Rapier misses the Goblin with a “1”.
Explores a passageway tile turning north.  (white)
Draws a Spider Swarm.
The Spider Swarm moves into Jarlaxle’s tile and POISONS him.

Moves two tiles (4 squares) to the newest placed tile on the northern unexplored edge.
Using her Wand of Lightning Bolts, she DEFEATS the Goblin Cutter but misses the Spider Swarm, rolling a “1”.  (+1 XP, 7 total)
Gains treasure item: Mask of Disguise.
Explores the Dwarven Statue tile with passages west and east.  (white)
Draws a Hunting Party card.  Two more Monster cards are drawn.
Draws the event Stalagmite.  No monster is placed.
Draws a Goblin Cutter.
The Goblin moves adjacent but on another tile to Catti and misses.

Moves adjacent to the Spider Swarm.
With Twinkle he DEFEATS it and a stance token is placed.  (+2 XP, 9 total)
Gains treasure item: Potion of Healing
Encounter event: Volcanic Explosion.  No heroes are injured.
Drizzt’s panther DEFEATS the Goblin Archer.  (+1 XP, 10 total)

Poison takes -1 hp of damage from Jarlaxle, but he uses his Brooch of Shielding to nullify it.  He uses his second Charge token to keep the Brooch card active.
He moves 2 tiles (4 squares) into the eastern unexplored edge of the Dwarven Statue tile.
With Bracer of Daggers, he DEFEATS the Goblin Cutter.  (+1 XP, 11 total)
Gains treasure item: Necklace of Speed.
Jarlaxle overcomes his poisoning.
Explores a passage tile continuing to the east  (white).
Draws an Hypnotic Spirit.
The Spirit moves into Jarlaxle’s tile adjacent to him and injures him with a Howl.  However, Jarlaxle uses his Brooch card to nullify it.  The card is flipped over and down.

Chooses Battle Stance.
Moves one square northwest into a new tile at the western unexplored edge.
Attacks and DEFEATS the Hypnotic Spirit (+1 XP, 12 total).
She regains +1 hp (4 health).
Gains treasure item: Wand of Magic Missiles.
Explores Volcanic Vent tile with passages north and south.  (black)
Draws a Goblin Archer placed adjacent to her.
Encounter curse: Mark of Lolth.  The party spends XP to cancel (-5 XP, 7 total).
The Goblin Archer cowers in fear and does nothing.

Moves adjacent to Jarlaxle giving him potion of healing for +2 hp (4 health).
He moves again adjacent to the Goblin Archer to the far south unexplored edge.
Explores the Dark Chasm! (white)  It connects to an existing tile south.
The Rocky Lair tile is placed far north with Shimmergloom.
Drizzt’s panther moves two tiles west.
Shimmergloom moves one tile south.

Moves 4 squares one tile south of Shimmergloom and adjacent to the Goblin Cutter.
He uses Darkfire to inflict -4 AC on Shimmergloom.
Encounter curse: Mark of Lolth.  The party spends XP to cancel (-5 XP, 2 total).
Shimmergloom moves one tile striking Drizzt for -1 hp.   His Twinkle stance, now removed, reduces the injury to zero but he thrown one tile south.


The moment Shimmergloom awakens from his slumber.

Moves within Shimmergloom’s tile.
Point blank shot strikes Shimmergloom for -3 hp ( 9 remaining).  Her stance recovers +1 hp for herself (5 health)
She uses her ability to move outside of the tile at the end of her hero phase.
Encounter event: Pursuit.  A Spider Swarm appears on the Start tile.
Shimmergloom claws Jarlaxle for -1 hp (3 health).  He is tossed one tile east.
The Goblin Cutter, free of adjacent heroes, hits Drizzt with a barbed arrow for -2 hp (2 health).
The Spider Swarm attacks and POISONS Guenhwyvar.

Moves adjacent between Shimmergloom and the Goblin Archer.
With Twinkle he strikes Shimmergloom for -1 hp (8 remaining) and places his Stance token.
With Icingdeath, he DEFEATS the Goblin Archer rolling a “20”.  (+1 XP, 3 total)
Gains treasure item: Spider Mask.
Encounter event: Volcanic Spray.  Drizzt takes -1 hp damage (1 health).
Guenhwyvar takes -1 hp damage from poison (1 health).
Guenhwyvar DEFEATS the Spider Swarm  (+2 XP, 5 total).
The panther overcomes the poison.
Cloud of Darkness keeps Shimmergloom from activating.

Chooses not to move into the tile with Drizzt.
Encounter trap: Volcanic Fault.  The party spends XP to cancel (-5 XP, 0 total).
Shimmergloom misses Drizzt with its claw.

Steps into Shimmergloom’s tile.
Misses Shimmergloom with Headshot inflicting -3 hp (5 remaining).
Steps out of Shimmergloom’s tile at the end of her hero phase.
Encounter curse: Mark of Lolth.  Catti suffers -1 hp (4 health).
Shimmergloom attacks Drizzt and misses again.

Attacks Shimmergloom twice with Icingdeath but hits only once for -1 hp (4 remaining).
He moves south into the Dark Chasm bridge into the tile south.   He is one tiles away from Shimmergloom.
Encounter event: Volcanic Spray.  No heroes are injured.
Guenhwyvar moves adjacent to Drizzt.
Shimmergloom moves east 1 tile and claws Jarlaxle for -1 hp (2 health).   He is thrown one tile away.

Steps up adjacent to Shimmergloom.
Hoping his Dueling Rapier can provide extra damage, he misses.
Encounter trap: The Juicer!
Shimmergloom attacks and misses Jarlaxle.
Jarlaxle suffers -1 hp (1 health)
The Juicer moves one tile east where Catti is standing.

Places stance to Heartseeker.
Steps into Shimmergloom’s tile.
Her ranged attack misses with a “1”!
Steps out of Shimmergloom’s tile at the end of the her hero phase.
Encounter trap: Goblin Snare.
Shimmergloom attacks Jarlaxle and misses again with a “1”.
The Goblin Snare trap Immobilized Catti-Brie.

Moves adjacent to Shimmergloom.
Icingdeath strikes twice including a “19” inflicting -3 hp damage (1 remaining)
Guenhwyvar moves adjacent to Drizzt poised to strike Shimmergloom.
Encounter event-attack: Dire Corby Flock.
Vicious bird folk STRIKES DOWN Drizzt and eliminates Guenhwyvar from the board.
Shimmergloom once again misses Jarlaxle with a “1”.

Adjacent to Shimmergloom, he strikes the monster with a “20”.
Shimmergloom is defeated.  The heroes win!

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