Axis and Allies Classic: Remembering the bomber


The bomber unit.

A most serious investment, the bomber unit from Axis and Allies Classic brought fear into opponents.   At a hefty 15 IPC, it was a rare purchase equaling the worth of 3 tanks or 5 infantry.


The bomber bought a sense of pride and was a player’s ace in the hole.   Or at least, a morale booster.  In tight, strategic battles it was that one unit with the highest probability for success to counter possible waves of failure.  Versatile in both land and sea, a single unit could spread across a continent one turn after another giving that statistical advantage.

Most powers had their own strategy for new bombers.  For example, the United States for amphibious assault support in Western Europe and countering the Japanese navy.  Japan for large naval battles.  Great Britain for launching major operations out of their homeland.  Germany for grand campaigns late in the game.  Only the Soviet Union was a rare buyer of bombers.  Its limited resources and defensive posture made it prohibitive to purchase a fleet in numbers.

We couldn’t finish talking about bombers without opining the technology “Heavy Bombers”.  Every sneaky player wanted it.  Every victim dread it.  It moved the game into sarcastic oblivion as the lucky power began producing fleets of super-bombers.  So preposterous the game mechanism, it was scaled back with Axis and Allies Revised and tamed further in later revisions.

Bombers attacked with a “4”, defended with a “1”, and a movement allowance of 6.   They had cost 15 IPC.


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