Wrath of Ashardalon: The Wrath of Ashardalon (2/1/2013)


This is a struggling session chronicling Dungeon and Dragons Wrath of Ashardalon board game.  It was a 5 hero session for Adventure 12: The Wrath of Ashardalon.

In Ashardalon’s lair, the Heroes finally confront the powerful red dragon.

Tarak, Half-Orc Rogue
Furious Assault
1 Utility: Practiced Evasion
2 At Will: Positioning Shot, Lucky Strike
1 Daily: Tornado Strike
Treasure item: Staff of the Elements

Heskan, Dragonborn Wizard
Hurled Breath
1 Utility: Mirror Image
2 At-Will: Arc Lightning, Ray of Frost
1 Daily: Flaming Sphere
Treasure item: Lucky Charm

Vistra, Dwarf Fighter
Dwarven Resilience
1 Utility: Inspiring Advice
2 At -Will: Reaping Strike, Charge
1 Daily: Taunting Advance
Treasure item: Magic Sword

Quinn, Human Cleric
Healing Hymn
1 Utility: Perseverance
2 At-Will: Sacred Flame, Cleric’s Shield
1: Daily Wrathful Thunder
Treasure item: Dwarven Hammer

Keyleth, Elf Paladin
Lay on Hands
1 Utility: Virtue’s Touch
2 At-Will: Holy Strike, Divine Challenge
1 Daily: Righteous Smite
Treasure item: Wand of Polymorph

2 Healing Surges played
The Start Tile starts at the bottom of the board.  From the stairs, unexplored edges are to the west, northwest, northeast, and east.

Decides to explore the northwest edge of the Start Tile.
Explores a tile, passages west and east.  (white)
Draws an Orc Archer.
Orc hits Tarak with an arrow (-2 hp).

Attacks the Orc-Archer with a Ray of Frost and DEFEATS it.  (+1 XP, 1 total)
Gains treasure item: Thieves Tools.  Gifted to Vistra.
Moves into the northwestern tile and into the eastern unexplored edge.
Explores passageways north and east.  Doors to the south leading into the Start Tile. (black)
Draws a Cave Bear.
Encounter event: Unbearable Heat.  Each hero takes -1 hp damage.
The Cave Bear rushes through the doors and strikes Keyleth.  She takes -2 hp and is DAZED.

Chooses Reaping Strike and hits the Cave Bear once for -1 hp.  It has 1 hp remaining.
She sidesteps the bear, runs to the north to the farthest unexplored edge of the most northeastern tile.
Explores a Dire Chamber entrance.  It is a LARGE Dire Chamber, expanding 5 more tiles.
Meerak, Kobold Dragonlord, appears three tiles away from Vistra at the the most northwest tile..
Draws a Human Cultist and is two tiles away, directly to the north.
Quinn draws an Orc-Archer.  It is placed one tile away, two squares north of Vistra.
Keyleth draws a Duergar Guard and stands on a tile west of the Orc Archer.   The guard has no unexplored edges.
Tarak draws a second Duergar Guard.   It stands to the southeast most Dire Chamber tile.  There is an explored edge to its south.
Heskan draws an Orc-Smasher.  It is placed on the northeast most Dire Chamber tile.
Meerak moves one tile closer to Vistra to its east.
Human Cultist moves one tile adjacent to the Orc Archer.

With Sacred Flame, he DEFEATS the Cave Bear.  (+2 XP, 3 total).  He heals +1 hp and is at full strength.
Gains treasure item: Potion of Recovery.  Gifted to Keyleth.
Moves three squares/one tile to the north to the eastern unexplored edge.  He hopes to cut off the Duergar Guard’s call for reinforcements.
Explores passageways north to the Dire Chamber and south.  (black)
Draws a Cave Bear.
Encounter event attack: Volcanic Burst.  Quinn suffers -3 hp, Vistra -1 hp.
Meerak moves adjacent to Vistra.
Orc Archer misses but injures Vistra (-1 hp)
The Cave Bear rushes adjacent and shares tiles with Quinn.  Its strikes him for -2 hp and he is DAZED.

Consumes her Potion of Recovery ending her dazed condition.
She moves up into the Dire Chamber adjacent to Meerak, Orc-Archer, and the Cultist.
A Holy Strike DEFEATS the Orc Archer (+1 XP, 4 total)
Gains treasure item: Potion of Healing.  Gifted to Tarak.
Encounter trap: Whirling Blades
Meerak hits Keyleth with its sword (-2 hp).  It moves one tile north.
Both Duergar Guards activate and move into the corner of Keyleth’s tile.
Whirling Blades strikes Keyleth for-2 hp.

Drinks his Potion of Healing for +2 hp.
Moves into the Dire Chamber side-by-side with Keyleth.
Launches his Tornado Strike.  DEFEATS Human Cultist.  DEFEATS one Duergar Guard, the second is uninjured  (+3 XP cumaltive, 7 total)
Gains treasure item: Lucky Charm.  Gifted to Vistra.
Encounter curse: Terrifying Roar.  Tarak is cursed.
Meerak moves adjacent to Tarak and strikes him (-2 hp).

With his Hurled Breath, he attacks two tiles away.  He misses Meerak and inflicts -1 hp on the Duergar Guard.
He moves two tiles/4 squares adjacent to Meerak.
Attacks with Arc Lightning.  Even spending his Lucky Charm, he misses both Duergar Guard and Meerak after three rolls!
Encounter Curse: Bloodlust.  Heskan is cursed.
Meerak attacks Tarak but misses.  It moves 1 tile east onto the scorch mark.
The Orc Smasher moves 1 tile south standing adjacent to Meerak.

Moves adjacent to Meerak.
Even spending her Lucky Charm, she misses three times with Reaping Strike!
Encounter environment: Dragon’s Tribute.
Meerak attacks Vistra but misses.  It moves returns west one tile adjacent to three heroes there.

Dazed, he moves into the Dire Entrance joining three heroes there.
Uses Healing Hymn to cure him and Kayleth +2 hp.
Encounter event-attack: Earthquake.  The heroes cancel.  (-5 XP, 2 total)
The Cave Bear leaps and strikes Vistra.  She suffers -2 hp and is DAZED.

Lays hands on Quinn (+2 hp)
Fails to disarm the trap!
Moves one tile east, adjacent to the Cave Bear and Orc Smasher.
Encounter environment: Walls of Magma.
Meerak strikes Tarak (-2 hp).  It moves one tile north, hiding one square behind the Duergar.
Duergar stands idle.
The Whirling Blades hit Tarak (-2 hp), Heska (-2 hp), and Quinn (-1 hp).  Tarak has 1 hp left!

With a Lucky Strike, he attempts to become the first hero to strike Meerak.  His Staff of the Elements would have made a difference, but the curse causes him to miss.
He moves one tile west away from the Whirling Blades.
Tarak successfully ends his curse.
Encounter event-attack: Poisoned Arrow.  Tarak is hit and is STRUCK DOWN.
Meerak moves adjacent to Heskan, attacks but misses.

His curse inflicts -1 hp damage.
Casts flaming sphere.
Heskan with Arc Lightning, strikes Meerak for -1 hp (5 remaining).  The Duergar Guard is DEFEATED.  (+2 XP, 4 total)
Gains treasure item: Throwing Shield.  Gifted to Keyleth.
Steps away from the walls of magma, he steps into the tile west near Tarak.
Pulls the first of three flaming sphere tokens inflicting Meerak -1 hp (4 remaining)
Meerak moves adjacent to Quinn, attacks but misses.
The Orc Smasher attacks Keyleth and hits (-1 hp)
Encounter event: Lost.  A new tile is placed on top of the dungeon stack.

Dazed, she uses Dwarven Resistance for +4 hp.
With his Reaping Strike, her first attack strikes the Cave Bear (-1 hp).  Her second attack misses.  She uses her Inspiring Advice to re-roll resulting in a “20”.  The Cave Bear is DEFEATED.  (+2 XP, 6 total)
Gains treasure item: Dragontooth pick.
LEVEL UP: +2 hp, new daily power Into the Fray.  (-5 XP, 1 total)
With her back against a wall of seeping magma, she suffers -1 hp.
Meerak attacks Quinn but misses. he moves one tile north.
Encounter event: Revel in Destruction.  Meerak gains +1 hp (5 remaining)

Moves into the center of the tile.
Instead of attacking, he successfully disarms the trap.
Encounter event: Hall of Orcs.  (2 Orcs are revealed)
Meerak moves adjacent to Quinn, attacks and hits (-2 hp).

Her throwing shield misses Meerak.
Moves adjacent to Meerak, but on the next tile with Tarak and Heskan.
Misses with Righteous Smite, rolling a “1”.  She and Heskan gain +1 hp.  Meerak takes -1 hp damage (4 remaining).
Encounter event: Duergar Outpost.  (0 Devils are revealed)
Meerak misses Keyleth and moves to a square on the tile with the Orc Smasher.


Kolbold Dragonlord, Meerak, leads his army of monsters against the heroes.

Spending the first HEALING SURGE, Tarak stands with 5 hp.  An additional hp gained from Keyleth’s healing hands.
A Lucky Strike against Meerak misses.
Tarak moves to the northwest most tile to its western unexplored edge.
Explores a tile with passageway west and doors north.  (white)
Draws Legion Devils.
Meerak moves adjacent to and attacks Vistra but misses.  Her 2nd level expertise saves her.
Legion Devils surround Tarak.  He is struck twice out of three and suffers -2 hp.

Instead of moving, Heskan moves flaming spheres one tile east near the Orc Smasher and Meerak.
A Ray of Frost DEFEATS one Legion Devil one tile away.  He rolls a “20” but with not enough XP to level up.
Gains treasure item: Wand of Fear.
Heskan removes the second Flaming Sphere token inflicting -1 hp on both Meerak (3 hp remaining) and the Orc Smasher (1 hp remaining)
Encounter event-attack: Bullseye.  An arrow strikes Heskan for -1 hp.
Meerak misses Vistra and moves adjacent to Quinn.

Moving away from the wall, she positions herself adjacent to Meerak.
With Reaping Strike, she hits Meerak one out of two attempts for -1 hp.  Meerak has 2 hp remaining.
Encounter curse: Dragon Fear.  Moving out of her tile will cost her -1 hp.
Meerak misses Vistra, moves one square.
Orc Smasher moves adjacent to Vistra, hits her for -1 hp.

With Sacred Flame, he strikes Meerak for -1 hp (2 hp remaining).
He choses not to move.
Encounter event: Thief in the Dark.  Quinn loses his Dwarven Hammer.
Meerak misses Vistra, moves one square.

Throws her shield at Meerak and hits with a “20”.  Meerak suffers -1 hp with 1 hp remaining.  Keyleth doesn’t have the XP to level up.
She moves adjacent to Meerak, attacks but misses.
Encounter trap: Poisoned Dart Trap.  Keyleth’s shield helps her as she takes -1 hp damage.  Vistra takes -1 hp damage.  Quinn suffers -2 hp and is POISONED.
Meerak strikes Keyleth for -2 hp and retreats 1 tile east.

Standing his ground, he unfortunately misses his attack on a Legion Devil.
He retreats south 2 squares/1 tile so he his two tiles away from the Legion Devils.
Encounter hazard: Volcanic Vapors.
Meerak moves adjacent to Vistra and hits her (-2 hp).
Both Legion Devils move east one tile.

Volcanic vapors POISON Heskan.
Instead of moving, Heskan commands the Flaming Sphere one tile west with Meerak and the Orc Crusher.
With Arc Lightning, he DEFEATS a Legion Devil while missing the other.
Gains treasure item: Potion of Rejuvenation.
Heskan exhausts his final Flaming Sphere.  DEFEATS both Meerak and the Orc Smasher!  (+7 xp, 8 total)
Encounter curse: Bad Luck.  Heskan immediately cancels it.  (-5 XP, 2 total)

Disarms the Poisoned Dart Trap.
Gripped with fear, she does not leave the tile and fails to shake off the curse.
Encounter event-attack: Phalagar’s Lair. Massive tentacles strike Vistra.  Injured with -3 hp and is DAZED.  Quinn takes -1 hp.  Keyleth is STRUCK DOWN.

Takes -1 hp damage from the poison.
Moves to the far northeast tile to its northern unexplored edge.  He is careful not to touch the walls.
He fails to shake off the poison.
Explores a  tile with passages west and north. (black)
Draws a Cave Bear.
Encounter curse: Time Leap.  Quinn disappears and a Gibbering Mouther takes his place.
Cave Bear and Gibbering Mouther both move 1 tile closer to heroes.

Spending the second and last Healing Surge, Keyleth is brought to her feet with 5 hp.  (1 extra due to Healing Hands)
Dazed, she throws her throwing shield at a Legion Devil but misses.
She fails to disarm the Poison Dart trap.
Adjacent to Vistra, she cures her Dazed condition with Virtue’s Touch.
Encounter environment: Kolbold Trappers.  Traps are more difficult to disarm at -4 penalty.
Poison Darts activate missing Keyleth (-1 hp) but STRIKES DOWN Vistra.

The heroes concede leaving the dungeon in defeat!


Heroes struggle with traps and monsters as Meerak fights on.

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