Castle Ravenloft: Blood and Fog (1/20/2013)


This is a session chronicling Dungeon and Dragons Castle Ravenloft board game.  It was a five hero session in Adventure 10: Blood and Fog.

The Heroes must find another way out of the dungeon beneath Castle Ravenloft.

Alissa, Human Ranger
1 Utility: Unbalancing Parry
2 At Will: Hit and Run, Twin Shot
1 Daily:Split the Tree:
Treasure item: Scroll of Teleportation

Arjhan, Dragonborn Fighter
Dragon’s Breath
1 Utility: Bodyguard
2 At-Will: Cleave, Trapping Strike
1 Daily: Come and Get It
Treasure item: Necklace of Fireballs

Kat, Human Rogue
Sneak Attack
1 Utility: Stealth
2 At-Will: Snipe Shot, Backstab
1 Daily: Dagger Barrage
Treasure item: Potion of Healing

Immeril, Eladrin Wizard
Fey Step
1 Utility: Dispel Magic
2 At-Will: Scorching Burst, Thunderwave
1 Daily: Fireball
Treasure item: Wand of Teleportation

Thorgrim, Dwarf Cleric
Healing Word
1 Utility: Shield of Faith
2 At Will: Healing Strike, Lance of Faith
1 Daily Beacon of Hope:
Treasure: Holy Avenger

2 Healing Surges played

Allisa leads her party from the Start Tile.  With passages west, north, and east, she chooses to steps to the north-most unexplored edge
Explores an open dungeon tile, exits west, north, and east.  (black)
Draws a Ghoul.
Encounter event: Passage of Time.  Each hero takes one damage.
Ghoul races adjacent to Allisa and claws her (-1 hp) she is IMMOBILIZED.

Arjhan steps his max 5 squares adjacent to Allisa and the Ghoul.  He is also on the eastern unexplored edge of the north-most tile.
Trapping Strike misses the Ghoul.
Explores a King’s Crypt.  Passages north, east, and south.  (black)
Draws a Skeleton.
Encounter event: Prowling Spirits.  Arjhan loses his Necklace of Fireballs.
Skeleton’s slice misses Arjhan.

Kat moves one tile north at the west-most unexplored edge.  She thoughtfully keeps her distance from the Ghoul, at 1 tile.
Using her Snipe Shot she DEFEATS the Ghoul.  The +2 bonus had made the difference.  (+2 XP, 2 total)
Gains treasure fortune: Short Rest.  Discarded without benefit.
Explores a hallway tile, opening westward.  (black)
Draws a second Skeleton.
Encounter event-attack: Gray Ooze.  Kat suffers -3 hp damage and loses her Potion of Healing.
The first Skeleton advances on Kat with a slice (-2 hp).
The second Skelton uses its scimitar on Arjhan and hits (-1 hp).

Immeril advances one tile north on the unexplored eastern edge.
WIth a Scorching Burst, he misses a skeleton defending the hallway.
Explores a Chapel.  The only exit is east.  The Chapel’s northern wall blocks the southern exit from the King’s Crypt. (white)
Draws a  Rat Swarm.
Rat Swarm moves into Immeril’s tile and attacks three heroes.  It’s attack misses Immeril.  It’s attack hits Allisa (-1 hp).  It’s attack hits Kat (-1 hp).

Thorgrim uses his Healing Word to heal Kat.  (+4 hp, total 5)
Moves adjacent to the Skeleton (though 1 tile away).
DEFEATS the Skeleton with a Healing Strike.  Kat benefits +1 hp. (+2 XP, 4 total)
Arjhan’s Skeleton card is collected.
Treasure item: Crystal Ball.  Reveals Encounter card Summoning Circle.
Encounter event: Bubbling Cauldron:
The Skeleton move one tile closer to Thorgrim.

Allisa, immobilized, uses her Twin Shot.   DEFEATS both Skeleton and the Rat Swarm.  Immeril’s Lore made the difference between a miss and a hit.  (+3 XP cumaltive, 7 total)
Gains treasure item: Magic Sword.  It is immediately given to Arjhan.
Encounter event: Summoning Circle.  A Skeleton appears adjacent to Allisa.
Skeleton’s scimitar misses Allisa.

Arjhan moves four squares west adjacent to Skeleton and a western unexplored edge.
He DEFEATS the Skeleton.  The Magic Sword makes the difference between hit and miss. (+2 XP, 9 total)
Gains treasure item: Breath of Life.  Arjhan gains +1 hp.
Explores a dungeon tile its only passage is westward. (white)
Draws a Blazing Skeleton.
The Blazing Skeleton strikes Arjhan with a ball of fire.  (-2 hp)

Kat moves to the north-most unexplored edge 1 tile away.
With Snipe Shot, she misses the Blazing Skeleton.
Explores Strahd’s Crypt.  Passages west and east.  (white)
Draws a Zombie.
The Zombie moves adjacent to her, and hits.  (-1 hp)

Immeril moves six squares north into Strahd’s Crypt on its eastern unexplored edge.
With Thuderwave, he DEFEATS the Zombie.  (+1 XP, 10 total)
Gains treasure item: Holy Water.  It is given to Allisa.
Explores Laboratory.  Passages north and south.  (white)
Draws a Zombie.
Zombie moves adjacent to Immeril and misses.

Thorgrim movies into the Blazing Skeleton’s tile.
With his Lance of Faith, he rolls a “1” and misses.
Encounter event-attack: Circle of Death.  Thorgrim escapes with -1 hp damage.  The Blazing Skeleton, at full strength, does not benefit.

Allisa moves north one tile.
She decides to use “Split the Tree” and DEFEATS both the Blazing Skeleton and the Zombie.  (+3 XP cumlative, 13 total)
Gains treasure item: Potion of Healing.  Gifts it to Arjhan.
Encounter trap: Dart Trap.  Allisa suffers -2 hp.  Arjhan and Kat -1 hp.

Arjhan drinks his Potion of Healing (+2 hp).
Goes north into Strahd’s Crypt stands at the western unexplored edge.
Explores Crypt Corner (6-10).  It leads to a dead end!  (white)
Draws a Wolf.
The Wolf runs to pounce Arjhan but misses.

Kat tries to disarm the Dart Trap but misses.
She chooses to run away 4 squares west into Thorgrims’ tile at the far western edge.
Explores the Rotting Nook.  (white)
The Zombie Dragon appears!
Zombie Dragon jumps in between Kat and Thorgim and bites the Dwarf cleric.  (-2 hp)


The Zombie Dragon stares down a hero at the Rotting Nook.

Immeril launches a Fireball striking the Zombie Dragon for -3 hp.  (10 hp remaining).
He retreats eastward into the King’s Crypt.
Explores an open dungeon, exits north, east, and south.(black)
Draws a Ghoul.
Encounter event-attack: Icy Corridor.  Immeril uses his Dispel Magic to cancel.
Zombie Dragon attacks Kat and misses.  It attacks Thorgrim, hits (-1 hp).  He is tossed into the Rotting Nook and SLOWED.
Ghoul moves adjacent and misses.

Thorgrim moves to the south unexplored edge of the Rotting Nook.
His Lance of Faith strikes the Zombie Dragon (-2 hp, 8 hp remaining)
Explores Ireena Kolyana’s Crypt.  Passageway west and south.  (black)
Draws a Gargoyle.
Encounter event: Corner of your Eye.  A new monster, Rat Swarm rushes from the darkness.
Zombie Dragon claws Kat (-1 hp) and tosses her into the Rotting Nook tile.  She is SLOWED.
Gargoyle injures Thorgrim (-1 hp).  The Rat Swarm misses.

Allisa runs six squares west into the Rotting Nook.
She plants her feet with Twin Shot.  She hits the Gargoyle (-1 hp, 1 remaining) and DEFEATS the Rat Swarm.  (+1 XP, 14 total).
Gains treasure item: Ring of Accuracy.
Encounter environment: Crippling Miasma.  All heroes speed is reduced by 1.
Zombie Dragon moves into Allisa’s tile and bites her!  (-2 hp)
Dart Trap has no heroes to activate for.

Arjhan moves two tiles in four squares to the Zombie Dragon.
Using Trapping Strike, the Zombie Dragon is lured into this tile.  He hits it.  (-1 hp, 7 hp remaining)
Encounter environment: Spirt of Doom.
Zombie Dragon wings Arjhan (-1 hp).  He is pushed into the Rotting Nook and is SLOWED.
The Wolf runs two tiles towards Immeril into the Laboratory.

Kat moves two tiles adjacent to both the Gargoyle and an unexplored edge.
She DEFEATS the Gargoyle with Backstab (+3 XP, 17 total)
Gains treasure fortune: Breath of Life.  +1 hp is cancelled by the Spirit of Doom.
Explores the Secret Stairway.  (white)
Draws a Wolf but uses her Stealth power to cancel it.
The Zombie Dragon moves one tile west and bites Arjhan (-2 hp).

Immeril uses his Fey Step power to leap one tile west to the farthest western square.
He moves twice – reaching the Secret Stairway and exits!
The Zombie Dragon attacks both Allisa and Arjhan.  It misses both, giving the heroes a chance!
The Ghoul moves one tile west – The King’s Crypt.

Thorgrim launches his Beacon of Hope, striking the Zombie Dragon.  (-2 hp, 5 hp remaining)  Allisa and Arjhan are healed +1 hp.
He steps to the Secret Stairway and exits!
The Zombie Dragon attacks both Allisa and Arjhan. It misses both, the heroes see the daylight!

Allisa runs around the Zombie Dragon to the Secret Stairway and exits!
The Zombie Dragon misses Arjhan.
The Dart Trap does not activate.

Arjhan follows Allisa by running around the Zombie Dragon and exits through the Secret Stairway!
The Zombie Dragon moves one tile south and bites Kat (-2 hp)
The Wolf moves two tiles towards Kat.

Kat races to the Secret Stairway and exits.

The heroes win!


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