Castle Ravenloft: Escape the Tomb (1/19/2013)


This is a session chronicling Dungeon and Dragons Castle Ravenloft board game.  It was a one hero session in Adventure 1: Escape the Tomb.

A Hero, alone in the dungeon crypts, must escape before the sun sets and Strahd returns …

Allisa, Human Ranger
1 Utility: Unbalancing Parry
2 At Will: Hit and Run, Twin Shot
1 Daily: Split the Tree:
Treasure: Magic Sword

2 Healing Surges played
Time track at Morning “1”.
Allisa stands next to Strahd’s crypt with open passageways west, east, and south.
She stands at the western unexplored edge.
Explores a tile, passages west and south.  (white)
Time track moves to “2”.
Draws a Wolf.
Wolf moves adjacent to Alissa, pounces but misses.

Allisa attacks with Hit and Run, but misses.
Deciding not to move, her ranger skills allows her to explore south.
She explores an open floor space.  (black)
Draws a Ghoul.
Encounter event: Teleport Glyph.  Allisa teleports west sharing the tile with the Wolf.
Wolf pounces.  Allisa takes -1 hp damage and is SLOWED.
Ghoul moves one tile closer.

Allisa attacks with her twin shot.  Rolling a “1” she misses the Wolf.  She misses the Ghoul as well.
She explores west to the Crypt of Barov and Ravenovia.  Passageway north and south.  (black)
Draws a second Wolf.
Encounter event: Overrun!  Allisa takes -3 hp damage.
First Wolf, misses with its bite.  The Ghoul moves adjacent to Allisa and misses with its claw.  The second Wolf, moves adjacent and pounces.  -1 hp damage.  Allisa is SLOWED.

Allisa moves one square southwest into the unexplored edge of  the Crypt of Barov and Ravenovia.
Desperate, she Split the Tree DEFEATING the Ghoul and one Wolf.  (+3 XP cumlative, 3 total)
Gains treasure fortune: Short Rest.   She flips up Split the Tree.
Explores a hallway tile with passageway south.  (black)
Draws a zombie.
Encounter event-attack: Howling Ghost.  A shrieking banshee emerges from the shadows inflicting -2 hp damage.  Allisa has 1 hp left.
The Wolf pounces, knocks DOWN Allisa.

Allisa spends her first Healing Surge and has 4 hp.
With Twin Shot, she misses the Wolf.  Rolling a “20” she DEFEATS the zombie.  (+1 XP, 4 total)
Gains treasure fortune: Shake it Off.  It is discarded without benefit.
She moves down the hallway south.
Explores the laboratory, passages west and east.  (white)
Time track moves to “3”.
Draws a Skeleton.
Wolf pounces Alissa (-1 hp) and is SLOWED.  The Skeleton slices her (-2 hp) she has only 1 hp left.

Allisa uses Spit the Tree to DEFEAT both the Wolf and the Skeleton.  (+3 XP, 7 total)
Gains treasure fortune: Daze.  It is discarded without benefit.
Able to move 2 tiles, the ranger moves to the west, unexplored edge of the Laboratory.  She is putting distance between her and Strahd’s crypt.
Explores a Crypt Corner (16-20).  (black)
Draws a Ghoul.
Encounter trap: Crossbow Turret.  Alissa chooses to cancel the encounter.  (-5 XP, 2 total)
Ghoul moves adjacent and misses with its claw.

With Hit and Run, Allisa DEFEATS the Ghoul.  (+2 XP, 5 total)
Gains treasure fortune: Clear the Air.  Discarded without benefit.
She moves to the southern unexplored edge of the Crypt Corner.
Explores a T-way.  Passages west and south.  (white)
Time track moves to “4”
Draws a Rat Swarm.
She spends her utility power, Unbalancing Parry to avoid the Rat Swarm.  The monster is moved one tile to the east into the laboratory.

Using one of her Twin Shot, Allisa DEFEATS the Rat Swarm.  (+1 XP, 6 total)
Gains treasure fortune: Burst of Speed.  She moves to the farthest southern unexplored edge.
Explores Prince Aurel’s Crypt.  The passage leads to the west.  (black)
Draws another Rat Swarm.
Encounter event: Frenzy.
Rat Swarm moves into Allisa’s tile.
Rat Swarm consumes her, Allisa is DOWN.

Allisa spends her second Healing Surge and has 4 hp.
With a Hit and Run, she misses with a “1”.
She races to the south and western edge.
Explores the King’s Crypt.  Passages north, south, and west.  (black)
Draws a Skeleton.
Encounter event: Howl of the Wolf.
The Rat Swarm immediately activates by moving into her tile and injures her (-1 hp).
The Rat Swarm strikes again and hits (-1 hp).
The Skeleton races, slices, and hits.  Allisa is STRUCK DOWN.

Out of Healing Surges.  The hero is defeated.


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