Legend of Drizzt: Understanding Regis’s ruby pendant

Drizzt_Regis_RubyPendantIn Dungeons and Dragons Legend of Drizzt, Regis’s Ruby Pendant is an odd power.  Introducing “special” damage, you need to read closely your options.

What’s the point of the power?

The Ruby Pendant does a little more than swinging a weapon and inflicting damage.  It allows Regis to move a monster to another tile and choosing damage to another monster.

On a successful roll, only one monster will be damaged

It’s easy to get misled since by habit, when we roll a hit against a monster, damage is done.  Without reading carefully, you may mislead yourself inflicting a second point of damage on another monster.   On a hit, you can choose to move that monster to another tile then choose any monster on that tile to be damaged.

On a successful roll, the monster can injure itself

Knowing this tip, clears up a lot of things.  This makes it easier to understand thematically.  You can choose to push back that Troll or Water Elemental and striking it for one hit point.  This makes the power no different than a ranged attack with an extra bonus relocating the monster.

Moving the monster is optional

Reading the rule as written, “… you can move the Monster up to 1 tile…”, moving the monster is optional.  If Regis chooses not to relocate the monster, it is no different than a simple ranged attack.

Regis can plan his attacks

For a little guy, Regis can quickly change the adventure into the party’s advantage.  Regis can buy time putting space between him and a monster.   He could relocate a tough adversary to another tile, inflict one hit point, while the monster is at the mercy of the next hero in turn who will finish it off.





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