Legend of Drizzt: Legacy of the Drow (1/13/2013)


This is a session chronicling Dungeon and Dragons Legend of Drizzt board game.  It was a three hero session in the Adventure 4: Legacy of the Drow.


Several disappearances and increased goblin activity lead the heroes to investigate the tunnels around Mithral Hall.


Wolfgar, Human Barbarian
1 At-Will: Recuperating Strike
1 Daily: Bear Hug
1 Utility: Healing Herbs
Treasure item: Bracers of the Blinding Strike

Bruenor Battlehammer, Dwarf Fighter
Notched Axe
Clan Battlehammer Shield
Power Strike
2 Utility: Dwarven Ale, Lucky Hit
Treasure item: Cure Potion

Regis, Halfling Rogue
Magic Mace
Ruby Pendant
1 Daily: Mass Charm
2 Utility: Sudden Escape, Disarm
Treasure item: Potion of Healing

2 Healing Surges played

The Start Tile starts in the middle of the board.  From the ladder, unexplored edges to the north, northeast, southeast, southwest, and west.

Wolfgar moves to the far east edge of the Start Tile.
Reveals a Dwarven Statue.
Draws a Spider Swarm.
Spider hits and poisons Wolfgar.

Bruenor places his stance with Clan Battlehammer Shield.
Bruenor moves northeast of the Start Tile adjacent to the Spider Swarm.
Attacks Spider Swarm with his Notched Axe: Hits and DEFEATS the monster. (+2 XP, 2 total)
Gains treasure item: Scrimshaw Charm.
Explores an open cavern tile with passageways west, north, and east.
Draws a Water Elemental.
Encounter curse: Mark of Lolth (-1 hp)
Water Elemental moves to the closest tile, adjacent to Wolfgar and Bruenor and attacks them with a surging wave:  Both are hit and injured (-1 hp).

With his Ruby Pendant, he attacks but misses the Water Elemental.
He then flees 1 tile east, 1 tile north, then explores to its western edge.
Explores cavern passage with only opening to the west.
Draws an Hypnotic Spirit.  (Hunting Party goes to the bottom of the deck)
Encounter curse, Mark of Lolth (-1 hp).  Bruenor suffers (-1 hp).
Hypnotic Spirit moves into Regis’s tile attacking him with a howl.  (-1 hp)

Poisoned (-1 hp), Wolfgar overcomes his poisoned effects.
He strikes the Water Elemental for -1 hp damage and is healed +1 hp through his Recuperating Strike.
His Bracers allows him to strike again DEFEATING the Water Elemental with Recuperating Strike, fulling healing him.  (+2 XP, 4 total)
Gains treasure item: Scrimshaw Charm
Moves the tile east to its southern edge.
Draws a Spider Swarm.
Spider poisons Wolfgar.

Bruenor moves adjacent to the east of the Hypnotic Spirit at the tile’s eastern edge.
He DEFEATS the Hypnotic Spirit.  (+1 XP, total 5)
Explores a Crystal Shard tile with openings to its north and south (to the Dwarven Statue).
Draws a Hunting Drake.
Hunting Drake moves adjacent to Bruenor and hits him (-1 hp).

Regis moves eastward into the tile of the Crystal Shard to its northern edge.
WIth his Ruby Pendant, he hits the Hunting Drake which is sent to the Tile South dealing -1 hp of damage DEFEATING the Spider Swarm there.  (+2 XP, 7 total)
Gains treasure fortune: Follow Through (discarded immediately without benefit)
Explores a Broken Door tile with openings west, north, and east.
Draws a Goblin Cutter (Hypnotic Spirit to the bottom of the deck)
The Goblin moves adjacent to Regis and hits him (-1 hp).

Poisoned (-1 hp), Wolfgar overcomes his poisoned effects.
Wolfgar elects to move twice to the north, around the Goblin Cutter to the unexplored western edge of the Broken Door tile.
Explores an open cavern tile with passages to the north, west ,and south connecting to explored tiles.
Draws a Water Elemental.
Encounter event: Pursuit.  A Goblin Archer is placed on the Start Tile.
Water Elemental moves into Wolfgar’s tile and misses with his Wave attack.
The Goblin Archer hits Bruenor with its Barbed Arrow (-2 hp).

Bruenor moves his limit of 5 spaces adjacent to the Water Elemental one space away from an edge.
He attacks the elemental, with the Notched Axe.  He hits and spends a Power Strike (2 remaining) DEFEATING the monster.  (+2 XP, 9  total)
Encounter event-attack: Acid Spray.  Heroes choose to cancel (-5 XP, 4 total)
Hunting Drake bites Regis (-1 hp).

Regis attacks and DEFEATS the Hunting Drake with his Magic Mace.  (+1 XP, 5 total)
Gains treasure item: Flask of Oil
Moves north joining his party at the tile of the Broken Door to the eastern edge.
Explores a passage way turning to the south.
Draws a Hunting Drake (Dinin Do’Urden to the bottom of the deck)
The Goblin Cutter hits Wolfgar with its dagger (-1 hp)
The Hunting Drake moves adjacent to Regis and misses with its bite.

Wolfgar DEFEATS the Goblin Cutter (+1 XP, 6 total) with his Recuperating Strike (+1 hp).
Moves north to the tile’s edge.
Explores a Volcanic Vent tile with passages north and west.
Draws a Drow Duelist.
Encounter event: Volcanic Spray.  No heroes injured.
Goblin Archer moves 1 tile east.
Drow Duelist moves in front of Wolfgar and hits him twice (-2 hp).

Bruenor moves adjacent west of the Drow Duelist to the tile’s western edge.
Attacks with his Notched Axe and misses.
He spends his Scrimshaw Charm to re-roll, but re-rolls a “1”!
Explores the Drow Glyph tile.  Two tiles west and north edges are placed.  Volcanic Vent to the west.  Narrow Passageway to the north.
The chosen villain of Mithral Hall is Jarlaxle Baenre, Drow Mercenary.
Bruenor draws an Hypnotic Spirit and is placed to the Volcanic Vent tile, west
Regis draws a Goblin Archer and is placed in the center of the Drow Glyph tile.  (Drow Duelist to the bottom of the deck)
Wolfgar draws a Hunting Party card.  The first is a Stalagmite and no monster is placed.  The second is a Hunting Drake and is placed next to the Hypnotic Spirit.
Jarlaxle moves 1 tile east, adjacent to Bruenor.
The Hypotonic Spirit moves two tiles east joining Jarlaxle.

Regis starts his turn with Daily Power, Mass Charm.  Inflicting -2 hp to all, he DEFEATS the Drow Duelist and the Hypnotic Spirit.  Jarlaxle has 6 hp remaining.  (Cumlative +3 hp, 9 total)
Gains treasure fortune: Bolster.  Regis regains +1 hp.
Regis moves 4 spaces adjacent to Jarlaxle.
Encounter event: Volcanic Spray.  Regis and Wolfgar suffer -1 hp.
First of two Goblin Archers move 1 tile north closer to the heroes.
Second of two Goblin Archers fires and hits Wolfgar (-2hp).
First of two Hunting Drakes moves adjacent to Bruenor and bites him (-1 hp).
Second of two Hunting Drakes moves two tiles adjacent to Bruenor and Jarlaxle.

Wolfgar uses Healing Herbs on Bruenor, adjacent to him, healing him +2 hp.
Wolfgar goes for a Bear Hug against Jarlaxle, but he misses.  He spends his Scrimshaw Charm to re-roll.  He misses again.  Jarlaxle takes -2 hp anyhow leaving him with 4 hp left.
Encounter curse: Mark of Lolth.  Each hero suffers -1 hp.
Jarlaxle strikes Bruenor for -2 hp and moves 1 tile west to the Drow Glyph tile.
First of two Hunting Drakes attacks Bruenor, bites him for -1 hp.
Second of two Hunting Drakes attacks Regis and misses.
First of two Goblin Archers attacks Wolfgar and hits (-2 hp)
Second of two Goblin Archers attacks Regis and hits (-2 hp)

Heros’ health watch: Wolfgar at 3 hp, Bruenor at 2 hp, Regis at 1 hp.

Bruenor takes his Cure Potion for +1 hp.
He moves two spaces in between Jarlaxle and a Goblin Archer.
He hits Jarlaxle using a Power Strike token (1 remaining) for -2 hp.  Jarlaxle has 2 hp left.  Sacrificing -1 hp, he headbutts and DEFEATS the Goblin Archer.  (+1 XP, 10 total)
Gains treasure fortune: Bolster.  Chooses Regis for +1 hp.
Encounter event: Cave Fisher’s Lair: The Heroes chooses to cancel it.  (-5 XP, 5 total)
Jarlaxle attacks Bruenor.  The Dwarf is hit and STRUCK DOWN (-2 hp). He moves 1 tile east among the Raging Drakes adjacent to Regis.

Regis uses his Potion of Healing for +2 hp.
With his hand on this Flask of Oil, Regis thinks twice and goes for victory.  He will attack Jarlaxle with his Magic Mace, hoping to have two successful strikes!  Regis first swing misses!  His second follow up hits.   Jarlaxle takes -1 hp and has 1 hp remaining.
Regis races six spaces southwest adjacent to the Goblin Archer.   He is 3 tiles away from the Drakes and Jarlaxle.
Encounter event: Rock Slide.  Regis moves one tile south and takes -1 hp injury.
Jarlaxle, two squares but one tile away from Wolfgar, moves adjacent to him sharing a tile.
Both Hunting Drakes attack Wolfgar.  One hits for -1 hp damage.

Wolfgar, with Aegis-Fang, strikes and DEFEATS Jarlaxle!  The heroes win!


Wolfgar makes his final strike on Jarlaxle as Hunting Drakes stare.

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