Dungeons and Dragons: Thought Eater

The Thought Eater

From Dungeons and Dragons: Monster Manual I, the Thought Eater was a ridiculous creature of unknown inspiration.

“… dwellers in the ether … appears to be something like an enormous headed platypus”

Invisible in the physical plane, it was only seen and observed with psionic powers.  (With every gift comes a price, I guess)  If you happen to visit the Ethereal plane, the Thought Eater may pay a visit to eat your brains, figuratively, feeding off your thoughts and intelligence.   As described in the manual, it may render you “a low-grade moron” permanently.

The Thought Eater made exactly zero appearances in my adventures.   Swimming in another plane was extraordinary rare.   Sending in a floating mind eating platypus was never considered.  The next time your DM presents you a large, seemingly empty jar in a mad scientist’s laboratory somewhere, think twice before opening and sticking your head inside.  It just might end up an idiotic decision.

Trivia: Appearing in groups between one and three, mental defenses, including a mind blank spell thwart attacks of these horrid things.

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