Axis and Allies 1941: Errata

The Axis and Allies 1914 errata,

was published November 24, 2014, correcting starting income for the United States and changes the setup chart for both the US and the Soviet Union.

In addition, it includes FAQ section that revisits defenseless transports and defends the uniform shapes of non-infantry pieces which happens to differ from the rule book silhouettes.

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Axis and Allies Pacific: Can Japan build a major industrial complex on Chinese territory?


The rule book shows Korea with 2 IPC. The board you pull out of your box will read 3.

Asked by one of our readers, “there are 3 territories controlled by Japan on main land Asia 1 (Korea) has a Japanese control marker, and the other 2 have Chinese control markers.  However Japan controls all three at the beginning of the game.  Is Japan allowed to place a major industrial complex on any of them?”

Here’s our answer.

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Axis and Allies 1914: Portugal

is a territory meaning little to the Central Powers.  However, to the United States it is a launching pad to northern and southern Europe as well as Africa.  It is one of the safest place to temporarily base your troops as you bide your time planning your next turn.  We take a look and often over-looked nation of Portugal in World War 1 with sessions of Axis and Allies 1914.

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Axis and Allies 1914: Belgium

is one of Axis and Allies 1914 most critical lynchpin territory.  It is on Germany’s victory path to Paris.  It bridges London protected by Britain’s sea mines.  Germany is easily lured devoting resources trying to take and control.  The fate of the war rests in the fate of Belgium in World War 1.

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Axis and Allies 1941: Round 4 moves (5/19/2014)


Axis and Allies 1941: Naval superiority is key to victory.  Fearful of German bombers, the Allies have yet to make amphibious landings into Europe.  Japan meanwhile is the Tiger of the Pacific on the road to India.   The war began on May 19th, 2014.

House rules allow deployment of reinforcements greater than IPC value of territory.

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