Fun list of Columbo articles

List of Columbo fun articles

653 N. La Cienega Blvd

Come visit Matilda’s art gallery and see what became of it. 8.28.19)

Actors who played roles in Star Wars

List of actors who are seen in both Columbo and Star Wars films. (5.5.19)

Cigarette Smoking May be Hazardous to Your Health

A list of episodes where smoking was an important plot point. (7.16.18)

Exercise may be hazardous to your health

Comparing “Double Shock” with “An Exercise in Fatality”. (5.16.18)

15720 Ventura Blvd

Discover what happened to the Milo Janus Health Spa in Chatsworth. (5.14.18)

The Definitive List of Children

A list of Children appearing on Columbo. (4.16.18)


A list of Columbo episodes featuring a wheelchair. (2.9.18)

Robert Culp

Tribute to Columbo’s most iconic villains played by Robert Culp. (1.28.18)

“Death Lends a Hand” vs “Goes to College”

Episode comparison between Robert Culp’s first and last episode in Columbo. (1.27.18)

Bad mind doctors

Episode comparison of “Prescription: Murder” versus “A Deadly State of Mind”.  (12.18.2017)

Vito Scotti

Remembering Vito Scotti in his many episode roles.  (11.11.2017)

5 gamblers from the ABC years

A list of 5 gamblers and what happened to them from the ABC years.  (10.15.2017)

Video fakes

Episode comparison of “Playback” versus “Caution: Murder can be Hazardous to your Health”, and their use of video tape.  (2.1.2017)

Episodes with tape recording machines

A list of episodes where the 1970’s tape recorder is an important piece of evidence. (1.31.2017)


Comparing “Short Fuse” and “Negative Reaction” where the antagonist fancy themselves as a talented photographer.  (1.12.2017)

Internal affairs

The police department has a few bad eggs in “A Friend in Deed” and “A Trace of Murder”.  See how Columbo outwits an inside job. (12.30.2016)

Bernard Fox

Paying homage to Bernard Fox.  (12.17.2016)

Young geniuses

“Short Fuse” and “Murder, Smoke, and Shadows”, both feature villains too young for their own good.  Smart they are, not smarter than Columbo. (12.4.2016).

Killer pilots

“Ransom for a Dead Man and “Swan Song” feature licensed pilots. Their skills comes in handy. (11.30.2016)

Robert Vaughn

Paying homage to Robert Vaughn. (11.12.2016)

The definitive list of swimming pools

Did you notice all the swimming pools?  It is Los Angeles after all.  (10.24.2016)

Arlene Martell

Paying homage to Arlene Martell (6.8.2016)

Book writers

Famous writers face off with “Murder by the Book” and season seven “Try and Catch Me”.  (5.16.2016)

Johnny Cash versus Dick Van Dyke

“Swan Song” vs. “Negative Reaction” and how bad husbands handle their annoying wives. (4.3.2016)

Blackmailed under contract

“Now You See Him” and “Fade in to Murder” feature killer entertainers cornered into murdering their blackmailers. (3.14.2016)

Football season

Kickoff the football season with “The Most Crucial Game” with “A Bird in the Hand”.  Football returns to L.A. (11.9.2015)

5 episodes with deceptive evidence

Columbo is a sly one.  Sometimes the boundaries of a couple Constitutional Amendments are pushed.  (3.11.2015)

Top episodes with a Star Trek cast

Catch your favorite actors and actresses from Star Trek making guest appearances in Columbo. (3.1.2015)

Military academies

Read about military conspiracies in “By Dawn’s Early Light” and “Grand Deceptions”. (2.21.2015)

Television chefs

Foodie mysteries and diabolical killers from “Double Shock” and “Murder Under Glass”. (2.16.2015)

5 foodie episodes

Do you like food? So does Columbo in these 5 delicious episodes. (2.16.2015)

Jack Cassidy’s novels

Jack Cassidy is a book man in two episodes;“Murder by the Book” and “Publish or Perish”. (1.14.2015)

5 twisted endings that never happened

Rewrite and retcon 5 episodes with mind blowing endings. (12.31.2014)

Wine and whiskey

Enjoy responsibly two mysteries about adult beverages; “Any Old Port in a Storm” and “The Conspirators” (11.7.2014)

5 international episodes

Lt. Columbo’s jurisdiction takes him outside L.A. sometimes.  (9.9.2014)

Digging for bodies

Sooner or later, they will show up; “Blueprint for Murder” versus “Columbo Cries Wolf”. (8.16.2014)

Election night

Vote for your favorite political thriller with “Candidate for Crime” and “Agenda for Murder”. Spoiler, Columbo wins in the end. (4.23.2014)

The musicals

Live performances by two villains, “Swan Song” and “The Conspirators”. (4.13.2014)

The magicians

Learn the secret behind illusion in “Now You See Him …” and “Columbo goes to the Guillotine” (4.17.2014)


Music lovers rejoice!  It’s “Etude in Black” versus “Murder with Too Many Notes” (10.24.2013)

Ransoming the dead

“Ransom for a Dead Man” and “The Greenhouse Jungle” are stories about false kidnapping, ransom, and murder.(10.17.2013)

5 we wished would have been villains

Wouldn’t it been something if these five were villains? (9.27.2013)

5 television shows canceled

Some of Columbo’s villains had their own television show before they were cancelled. (8.13.2013)

6 more failed May-December romances

Another set of age-free partnerships ending in disaster. (3.29.2013)

6 failed May-December romances

The first article listing relationships of disparaging age differences.  (3.25.2013)

Top 5 sympathetic villains

We wished they would have gotten away with it. (12.4.2012)

Top 5 nervous breakdowns

Celebrating five of the most memorable emotional rants and breakdowns in Columbo history. (9.28.2012)

Columbo inducted in the Hall of Favorites

Why Columbo is a favorite. (9.27.2013)