What’s New Scooby Doo?










Season 1

1.”There’s No Creature Like Snow Creature” September 14, 2002
The Snow Creature, in a ski resort, rigging a sports competition.

2. “3-D Struction” September 21, 2002
The Dinosaur Spirit, in a museum, smuggling gold.

3. “Space Ape at the Cape” September 28, 2002
Space Ape, in a space lab, sabotaging a space launch.

4. “Big Scare in the Big Easy“, October 5, 2002.
The Leland Brothers, in New Orleans, rigging a haunted tour and kidnapping.

5. “It’s Mean, it’s Green, it’s the Mystery Machine“, October 26, 2002.
The Mystery Machine, on undisclosed city streets, scaring the gang for publicity.

6. “Riva Ras Regas“, November 2, 2002.
The Ghost of Rufas Raucous, in Las Vegas, sabotaging a theater out of spite.

7. “Roller Ghoster Ride“, November 9, 2002.
The Roller Ghoster, in an amusement park, sabotaging business for a take over.

8. “Safari, So Goodi!“, November 23, 2002.
Jungle Demons, in an African game preserve, poaching animals for export.

9. “She Sees Sea Monsters by the Sea Shore“, November 30, 2002.
Motoshondu, in the Ocean, committing eco-terror to save the sea turtle.

10. “A Scooby Doo! Christmas“, December 14, 2002.
The Headless Snowman, in the village of Winter Hollow, recovering stolen gold.

11. “Toy Scary Boo“, February 1, 2003.
Animated toys, in a Toy Store, stealing works of art.

12. “Lights! Camera! Mayhem!“, February 15, 2003.
The Faceless Phantom, in a movie studio, sabotaging production.

13. “Pompeii and Circumstance“, February 22, 2003.
The Zombie Gladiator, in a Pompeii Colosseum, looting ancient artifacts.

14. “The Unnatural“, March 22, 2003.
The Baseball Specter, in a baseball stadium, sabotaging the game.

Season 2

15. “Big Appetite in Little Tokyo“, September 13, 2003.
30-foot Shaggy and the Ancient One, in a robotics factory, for mayhem and sabotage.

16. “Mummy Scares Best“, September 20, 2003.
Pharaoh Scamses, in the pyramids of Egypt, committing eco-terror for profit.

17. “The Fast and the Wormious“, September 27, 2003.
Gusano Grande, in the deserts of Mexico, sabotaging the race.

18. “High-Tech House of Horrors“, October 4, 2003.
Shari the artificially intelligent house, at the Omaha World’s Fair, causing great mischief out of spite and attention grabbing.

19. “The Vampire Strikes Back“, October 18, 2003.
A vampire, in a Transylvanian castle, sabotaging business out of spite.

20. “A Scooby-Doo Halloween“, October 24, 2003.
The Ghost of Hank Banning, on a farm, upstaging Halloween with vandalism.

21. “Homeward Hound“, October 25, 2003.
The Cat Creature, in an arena, dog-napping.

22. “The San Franpsycho”, March 20, 2004.

23. “Simple Plan and the Invisible Madman”, March 22, 2004.

24. “Recipe for Disaster”, March 23, 2004.

25. “Large Dragon at Large”, March 24, 2004.

26. “Uncle Scooby and Antarctica”, March 25, 2004.

27. “New Mexico, Old Monster”, March 26, 2004.

28. “It’s All Greek to Scooby”, March 27, 2004.

Season 3

Still under construction.