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Scooby Doo Direct to Video titles

We only list reviewed.

Pirates Ahoy!“, 2006
Captain Skunkbeard the Pirate, in the Bermuda Triangle, smuggling a meteor.

Camp Scare“, 2010
The Woodsman, The Fishman, and The Specter of Shadow Canyon, in a campground, smuggling stolen treasure.

Big Top“, 2012
The Ingolstadt Werewolves, in a circus, stealing jewelry.

Mask of the Blue Falcon“, 2012
Mr. Hyde, in a comic-book convention, robbing an armored car of its receipts.

Stage Fright“, 2013
The Phantom, in a Chicago Opera House, rigging a talent contest, arson, and stealing jewelry.

“Frankencreepy”, 2014
The Ghost of the Baron, in Transylvania, Pennsylvania, revenge on Scooby and the gang.

Scooby Doo and Kiss: Rock and Roll Mystery“, 2015
The Crimson Witch, in the amusement park of KISS World, stealing the black diamond of KISSteria.

Shaggy’s Showdown“, 2017
The Ghost of Dapper Jack, in a dude ranch, speculating real estate.

“Batman The Brave and the Bold”, 2018
The Crimson Cloak, in Gotham City, building a doomsday machine for ransom.