Columbo: Suitable for Framing

The world of art
is turned upside down when a television art critic uses an electric blanket and California probate law to get his fingerprints on his uncle’s expensive collection.  However, his uncle’s ex-wife, has her own ideas what to do with all the paintings.  From the initial season of Columbo, its “Suitable for Framing”.

The villain, victims, methods, and motive

Dale Kingston, art critic and television personality. He likes to critique art but loves to own them more. Enjoys telling bad jokes and checking his watch.

Uncle Rudy Matthews art collector and piano player. Wanted to get rid of his expensive art collection. Tracy O’Connor, co-conspirator and art student of questionable talent.

Uncle Rudy is shot by a revolver. Poor Tracy is bludgeoned by a rock disguised as a car accident.

Art is the motive. Dale wanted the famous paintings, that would have otherwise been given away, for himself.

Columbo facts and trademarks

Columbo’s rubber gloves fitted, Dale Kingston will be convicted.

Lt. Columbo learns about:
Degas pastels and the ugly truth behind critiquing art.

Mrs. Columbo:
When she hits the department stores, she can forget about anything.

Not seen.

This Old Man:
Not heard.

Brown paper bag:
Brown wrappers used protecting art.

San Francisco:
Not visited.

Chili and ice cream:
Not enjoyed.

Sally, the lady police officer, helps break the case by running in heels.

“Suitable for Framing”, Season 1 Episode 4

Previous episode: Dead Weight
Next episode: Lady in Waiting

Art by Tracy O’Connor.

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