Scooby Doo: The San Franpsycho

Scooby and the gang visit San Francisco’s Grind Games but get snared into another mystery, west coast style! In the shadows of Alcatraz, they try to save the events while a pesky tour guide needles them for spare cash. From What’s New Scooby Doo? comes “The San Franpsycho”.

The villain, mystery, and the technology

The San Franpsycho, once known as Clint Morris, a prisoner from Alcatraz. His scar covered ghost makes its home in Alcatraz. It has a deep, utter hatred of skateboarding.

Economic sabotage and outright terrorism.

No technology. Only lack of skateboarding skills that sets the villain apart.

Rutie Banez, unmasked.

Trivia and curiosities

Visiting the competitive skateboard event, Grind Games, held in San Francisco.

Shaggy’s vegetarian diet includes cotton candy, a box of Scooby Snax,

Ryan Sheckler, professional skateboarder, makes a guest appearance.

If you’re wondering, Great White sharks can be found in the San Francisco bay.

Remember Rich Gurman? He never came back.

Final thoughts

Interesting episode not so much for the skateboarding for the quick tours of San Francisco including Alcatraz and an appearance of a street car.  The villain may be one of the most dangerous since “Roller Ghoster Ride”.  This episode does not headline a favorite technology but lack of physical skills.

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