Columbo: FDA Approves Home Test Kit for Blood Cholesterol

From the Columbo episode , “A Trace of Murder”,

the May 4, 1997 edition of the Los Angeles Tribute headlines the murder of Howard Seltzer.  Titled “Beverly Hills Broker Slain”.  But there is also another headline much more curious.

If you look to the right, you’ll see a story about “FDA Approved Home Test Kit for Blood Cholesterol”.  If you wondered when the FDA approved such a thing, you’d discover it happened in March, 1993.  Its story was published by the Los Angeles Times on March 3, 1993, four years earlier.  Maybe in the Columbo universe, is a parallel universe where technology moves a bit slower.

What is most curious, if you zoom in closely, the article is an exact word-by-word copy from the real thing.

Read the original article.  (Links 404 over time)

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