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Solo: A Star Wars Story,
finally makes it to the big screen.  After decades waiting for an origin story, we will finally learn what happened to Han Solo before his debut with Episode IV: A New Hope.  Will the Alden Ehrenreich version be the definitive Han Solo film or will it be forgotten in the dust bin of cinematic history?

Trailers before the movie
Jurassic World 2, Alpha, and Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Seen in fantastic 2-D and mostly spoiler free.

How to describe Solo: A Star Wars Story
Han Solo is a driver, a flyer, and a smuggler.  Somewhere along the way he meets Chewbacca and gets to fly the Millennium Falcon.  But you knew that already without the help of the trailer.  Han joins a small time, smuggling ring and gets caught up between a dangerous crime syndicate and fanatic marauders.  And a young woman from Han’s past is involved and complicates things.

Why is everyone excited about this movie?
I don’t know anyone who was really excited about it.  It’s only been 5 months since The Last Jedi and a lot of fans are still mighty upset about it.  This cash grab isn’t exactly going to get them back into the seats.

What did we learn about Han Solo that we didn’t already know?
Leave blank until determined.

Who would want to see it?
You have to be a lover of the Star Wars IP and the type of person who would pay $135 for a ticket to see a section of an amusement park with the words “STAR WARS” and “LAND” overhead. You love everything Star Wars and haven’t missed a single cinematic release and quite possibly watched the animated Clone Wars, Rebels, or both.  (Big reveal for the cartoon fans)

Is it true, it’s a movie that didn’t have to me made?
This is a complaint rampant in the open-minded world known as the Internet. While no movie needs to be made, its funny the question comes from the same pool waiting in line for the next Marvel spin-off, sequel, cross over film or hoping the next DC superhero film will save their cinematic universe.

Is it true, that Solo doesn’t get really going until the third act?
Another complaint is Solo had a rocky first and second acts.  It is true it had its obligatory introductions, including seeing Han drive some sort of vehicle.  It isn’t until Lando Calrissian is introduced when it begins to feel like a Star Wars movie. I wouldn’t say the first two acts are bad, just unoriginal without mystery.

What did you expect?
I entered the theater with low expectations. Wanting a Star Wars experience, I looked forward being immersed into its universe or, better put, the galaxy.  Solo is a live-action cartoon.  Do we want to see how recognized actors and actresses adapt to the Star Wars culture? Do we want call backs to nostalgia? Do we want to see life under The Empire without the Force, light sabres, and talks about senatorial politics?

What’s the best part about it?
Yes, I enjoyed the callbacks to the original trilogies.  I enjoyed another depiction of famous characters performed by new actors.  I liked most the world Solo created. The third act was without an absurd McGuffin.  What was at stake was the survival of the characters.

What was were the biggest problems with it?
Going back to the original characters, there wasn’t much mystery. We know who will live and most everyone else not seen in the Original Trilogy will not. That was most of the problem with the first two acts, no mystery.  Whether if its Leia giving her brother a kiss or Anakin Skywalker’s painful courting of Padme, Star Wars have long been awkward with romance.  Solo had more romance in the first 10 minutes than the previous three films put together.  But playing safe, as Disney does, it was unable to get an emotional payoff with an old trope, “boy gets girl, boy loses girl”.  I wished they would have taken a little more risk.  That’s not in the new Disney’s DNA.

Is Alden Ehrenreich the classic Han Solo?
While he is no Harrison Ford, his performance was better than I expected. With a trilogy, he could hold his own corner of the Solo legacy.  If only he is given the chance.

Would you recommend it?
For fans who fear the conveyor belt of Star Wars movies are coming to an end, yes. It’s mind numbing, summer entertainment.  It need not be a box office top one blockbuster.  However, if you’re not a fan of the IP, there is nothing here that will change your heart.

Meaningless box office facts
After 5 days, Solo grossed over $110 million in the U.S.  It made $7.3 million on its first Tuesday. Black Panther grossed over $265 million after 5 days in the U.S. and made $20.8 million on its first Tuesday.  For Avengers: Infinity Wars the numbers were $305 million and $23.4 million, respectfully.  Deadpool 2, the numbers were $149.9 million and $12.4 million, respectfully.


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