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Thanos is coming!
Avengers: Infinity War, arrives after 10 years in the making.  Thanos starts a war over with the heroes of the universe.  Who will win?  Who will die?  It will take over $1 billion dollars in ticket revenue for us to find out.

The trailers before the movie
Ant Man and the Wasp, Venom, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Solo: A Star Wars Story

While it’s mostly spoiler free, it’s best to watch the movie first.

How to describe the movie?
Nearly 50 characters from the MCU are put into intertwining “skits”.  Each skit has an objective and some characters are more prominent than others.  With the benefit of earlier, stand-alone films, it doesn’t need to build characters and surprise us.  Instead, it gives us a glimpses of beloved heroes.

Why is everyone so excited over it?
If you haven’t noticed the movies from the MCU have been popular and financially successful.  There is genuine curiosity how the past 10 years plays out with the great baddie, Thanos.  Let’s admit, the other MCU villains have been pretty forgettable with an exception here or there.  But it has been the heroes we’ve been rooting for all this time.  We get another super hero movie and a soap opera coming into its final act.  We all know that the iconic characters, and the actors who play them, won’t be around forever.   This is their final crescendo as we see the best of everything from everyone.

Why are some not so excited about it?
There is nothing original with the story other than the challenge telling it.  It’s CGI festival with little no character development or arc.   It’s a daring movie anyhow, because it touches on a subject not seen in MCU movies, and that’s “failure”.  And that’s a change.  Some fans won’t like change.

My favorite and least favorite about it were
With an exception here and there, the fight scenes were generic.  The Wakanda battle (as given away in the trailers) had a Phantom Menace vibe stealing more than a couple ideas from it.  What happens during the battle didn’t mean anything, just its final moments.  What I enjoyed are the interactions between the crossover characters.  Rocket and Thor.  Iron Man and Dr. Strange.  Most favorite, I confess, is Thanos himself.  He’s nothing like DC’s Steppenwolf.   Speaking of DC …

How does this compare to the DCU?
Warner Bros. and DC Comics should be worried.  Very worried.  Infinity War isn’t only better than any DC Comic superhero movie to date, it also a better darker and grittier film too.  Marvel/Disney found the winning formula of making the original comic book concepts better adapting to film.  Contrary to the DCU that tries to rewrite it into something else.

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