Columbo: The definitive list of children

uncommon but not entirely unseen in Columbo mysteries.  We dedicate this article to the kids.  For the purpose of the article we choose only those under eighteen and contribute at least the slightest of significance to the story and the mystery.  Yes, even the tuba one.


Seen in: Death Lends a Hand
Favorite activities: Swings at the park
Favorite dessert: Popsicle
Most talented at: Keeping track where his father isn’t
Annoying habits: Interrupting adult conversations with trivial facts


Seen in: Etude in Black
Favorite lessons: Dancing and how to deal with men
Advocate of: Pets
Most talented at: Keeping an eye who visits her neighbors

Steve Spelberg

Seen in: Mind over Mayhem
Status: Self-proclaimed boy genius
Specialties: Cybernetics and chess master
Favorite hobbies: Cheeseburgers, movies, and treated like a normal kid
Last seen: Held in a secret location where his ideas are kept safe from humanity

Girl at pier

Seen in: Identity Crisis
Likes: Giant stuffed pandas named “Archibald”
Needs to learn: Not to talk to strange middle-aged men offering gifts

Children of the Trains

Seen in: Identity Crisis
Located at: An undisclosed train museum in Los Angeles
What do they eat?: Hot dogs

The sons of Commandante Sanchez

Seen in: A Matter of Honor
Favorite hobbies: Baseball and bull fighting
Most underrated skills: Solving murder cases and helping to imprison a national icon


Seen in: The Bye Bye Sky High I.Q. Murder Case
IQ: Mensa rated
Mental skills: Photographic memory
Hobbies: Insurance mitigation and murder conspiracy theories


Seen in: Columbo Goes to the Guillotine
Poses as: Magician for hire
Can by seen performing at: Birthday parties and bar mitzvahs
Price: Two burgers and two shakes
Best trick: Making money disappear
Cheapest trick: A deck where every card is an Ace of Diamonds

Children of the Tuba

Seen in: Sex and the Married Detective
Who are they?: Students on a field trip
Known for: Their uniforms and being treated to an impromptu performance from Columbo and a borrowed tuba
How they contribute to solving the case: None at all

Did we miss any?

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