Scooby Doo: A Scooby Doo Halloween

It’s the night before Halloween,
and the gang is on their way to Banning Junction to visit Velma’s aunt and uncle for a masquerade ball with KISS performing!  As most any Halloween with Scooby Doo comes a haunting.  Another mystery needs to be solved by meddling kids.  From What’s New, Scooby Doo? is “A Scooby Doo Halloween”.

The villain, mystery, and the technology

The Ghost of Hank Banning returns to haunt the town he founded.  After voted out of office for mental instability, the mayor cursed the town before dying on Halloween.

The town’s Halloween celebration is threatened due to agricultural vandalism.

Giant robotic scarecrows, courtesy to electrical engineering. Remote controlled and equipped with edged weapons, they are vulnerable to water.

Marcy the Corn Princess and birthday girl, arrested.

Bonus mystery: Oldsie, as the Swamp Creature, in the swamp, searching for money hidden from a bank heist.

Trivia and curiosities

The gang visits Velma’s aunt and uncle at Banning Junction on Halloween.

Shaggy’s vegetarian diet includes candied apples and Halloween candy.

Velma’s Aunt Meg and Uncle Evan.

Agnes and her pet cat, Mr. Noodles. More scary than anything else in Banning Junction.

KISS makes their first Scooby Doo appearance. Long before Scooby Doo and KISS.

Final thoughts

A really good episode and one of the series’ best written.  It has backstories, nostalgia, and even includes the laugh track.  Making many references of past Scooby Doo episodes from different eras, it takes a Scooby fan to pick them all out.  But its not necessarily a cheerful episode.  Its darker moments comes with a just-turned-18 year-old is arrested in front of her parents.

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