Scooby Doo: High-Tech House of Horrors

A drive through a corn field,
in Omaha, leads Mystery Inc. to the World’s Fair and its House of the Future.  Unfortunately, the attraction is closed indefinitely.  It’s time for an investigation into the future!  From What’s New, Scooby Doo? its “High-Tech House of Horrors”.

The villain, mystery, and the technology

Shari, Super Home of Artificial Robotic Intelligence, is a program that turned a smart home into a high tech house of horrors.

The smart house malfunctions and its robotic creations reach sentience and attack its organic masters.

In addition to artificial intelligent programming, the high tech gadgets include an early prototype of the “smart watch”.

Fred unmasks dangerous AI. As dangerous as any human.

Trivia and curiosities

The gang visits the Omaha World’s Fair.

Shaggy’s vegetarian diet is made of corn (stolen), unlimited helping at the International Buffet (stolen), watermelon, a giant burrito (stolen), jalapeno and cheddar Scooby Snacks, and genetically modified horseradish.

Cameras in a public bathroom?

Scooby Doo has been a pioneer warning children about the dangers of artificial intelligence. Machines will kill.

Technically, Dapne is kidnapped again.

Paying homage to Goldfinger and Star Wars.

Scooby Doo have been warning about GMO in food since 1972.

Final thoughts

While the villain won’t be remembered as a classic, the episode is one of the most forward thinking of the series.  Warnings about artificial intelligence and dependencies on “smart” technologies come early from 2003.  Forgive, if not ignore, the cartoon-friendly and scripted motive of a wanting attention and pay attention to what the sentient computer was trying to achieve; murder.

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