Rogue One: 5 interesting plot points you may have missed

Rogue One,
is more of a war film than any so far in the Star Wars franchise.  Having to live up to the nostalgia of A New Hope, Rogue One had to tell an effective story with new characters and old.  After multiple viewings over the past year, it’s time to share a deeper look into 5 interesting plot points you may have missed.  For the purpose of this article, we’re not writing about Easter eggs.  Rather, we’re discussing how the story was executed.

Number 1: Jyn is always on the run

When young Jyn Erso sees Krennic’s ship approach, a symbol of the Empire, she races home.  From early in the film, she’s pulled from one scene to another.  Her father, General Draven, and Cassian Andor each take turns imploring her to move along.  What does it mean?  It’s a plot device to move the story from one chapter to another.  Jyn is the center of the story.  Her supporting cast turn the page.  It also is a window into Jyn’s backstory.  Jyn is left behind by her parents on Lah’mu.  Saw Gererra abandons her when she was sixteen.  She is someone trying to catch up all her life.  Late in the film, Jyn makes one fleeting comment, “I’m not used to people sticking around when things go bad.”

“Jyn. Come on, let’s go.  … We’re not here to make friends.” – Captain Andor to Jyn Erso.

Number 2: Jyn is a damsel in distress

Before Rogue One was released, we were told that Jyn Erso would be a new kind of heroine.  She’s strong, independent, yet is troubled with self doubt shared with men and women alike.  Jyn Erso would be a capable and spirited leader no less weak than Han Solo or the mighty Chewbacca.  But some archetypes are still buried with Disney DNA.  Jyn may be no princess, but she’s still needs help out of the Empire’s prison.  What does this mean?  It’s a plot device to introduce her with the leader of the rebellion, the enigmatic Mon Mothma.  However, it also spins a dark tale of inescapable fate.  Rescued from a life of false identities, she reluctantly joins the alliance before going rogue and leading a major offensive escalating the rebellion to a larger scale.  One can say Jyn was released to explore her potential.

“Congratulations. You are being rescued.” – K2-SO to Jyn Erso.

Number 3: Cassian Andor’s prison

Captain Andor had done terrible things for the rebellion.  While imprisoned in Saw Gererra’s cell, Chirrut Îmwe makes an observation of Andor’s situation and his soul.  What does it mean?  While it’s an obvious ploy to build Andor’s backstory, it is also foreshadows his gloomy fate.  He will be unable to escape and trapped on Scarif.

“There is more than one sort of prison, Captain, I sense that you carry yours wherever you go. – Chirrut Îmwe to Cassian Andor.

Number 4: Tarkin’s soothing and ruthless leadership

Few would give second thought, let alone make commentary, when Moff Tarkin uttered his calm, yet devastating order, to fire the Death Star’s super weapon in A New Hope.  He repeats his 5-word direction three times during the last days of his military career.  His calm, re-assuring voice bestowed confidence in those who serve him as countless victims scream in agony.  Director Krennic on the other hand is impatient, cuts off others in mid-sentence, barking a single word, “Fire!”.  What does this mean?   Contrasting style between Krennic and Tarkin, Krennic is impatient, lacks confidence, and a flawed military commander.  Moff Tarkin is someone who stepped out of a 1970’s horror film.  He’s brutal and someone you don’t want to screw with.  The Death Star is even more dangerous under his steady command.

“You may fire when ready.” – Grand Moff Tarkin

Number 5: Jyn and Krennic’s lives are intertwined

Jyn and Director Krennic share history together.  They were together when Jyn’s mother died.  They were together when Jyn’s father died.  They both die on Scarif after a confrontation where Krennic is shot a second time.  Made from Kyber crystals, the Death Star’s super weapon defined Krennic’s life and death.  For Jyn, the crystal was literally wrapped around her neck.  Both shared a single, inescapable fate.  What does this mean?  While Rogue One makes a speech about the choices we make, it also tells some things are inevitable.

“You know who I am. I’m Jyn Erso. Daughter of Galen and Lyra.” – Jyn Erso to Director Krennic.

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