The Andy Griffith Show: 5 things you may have missed watching “A Christmas Story”

Celebrate The Andy Griffith Show’s only Christmas episode.
It may have been 1960, but many traditions still are experienced.  From lighted Christmas trees, gift exchange, and eggnog.  More importantly, being grateful of family over the attraction of wealth and the lessons of redemption.  If you get a chance to watch it this season, here are 5 things you may have missed watching “A Christmas Story”.

#1 Ben Weaver sells liquor in a dry county?

Call it a plot hole or mistake, Ben Weaver tells he sells spirits from his store.

#2 Moonshine is a big problem in Mayberry county

Ben complains that half the county is cutting in on his rightful business making moonshine.  Half the county?  Sounds closer to a rebellion on the verge of upheaval and anarchy.

#3 Business at Weaver’s store isn’t going well

It is the day before Christmas and should be one of Weaver’s most busiest days, even in economically depressed town of Mayberry.  What is he doing outside minding one, poor moonshiner?  I don’t buy that his store is closed.  When Ellie is out of Christmas tree light bulbs, she considers going to Smith’s.  Perhaps, Ben has something to worry about.

#4 Andy and his twelve apostles

Ever wondered why there were five prisoners early in the episode?  With the three Hubacher brothers and the Muggins family of four, that makes twelve prisoners of Andy’s.  They are his pupils learning life lessons.  Listen to Andy lecture his first five.  The jail is his ministry, they are his students, Andy is the “teacher”.  The number of twelve is highly coincidental in a Christmas episode.

#5 A Christmas Story is an adaptation of A Christmas Carol

Some similarities are obvious; a wealthy, grumpy man having a generous change of heart in a time of Christmas.  Others require repeated viewing and an imagination.  Did Andy Griffith make references to the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future?  Quite cleverly, yes.  You can study how here.



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