Movie Posters: Veiled hero

We introduce a new category of movie posters, the veiled hero.
Similar to a hero alone, the veiled hero displays an incomplete character with an opaque or otherwise abstract background.  Star Wars The Last Jedi released a set of their favorite characters on posters with distinctive style.  But is it original and have we seen this before?

The qualities of a veiled hero is a single subject with something physically missing or obscured.  In addition, the background is simple and has nearly zero context where there are no indications where the character or the film takes place; no buildings or landscapes.  The Last Jedi sports many characters, each alone, with the faces “cut off”, as well as legs.  While they’re not complete, we know who they are.  Note Kylo Ren, he shows more of his facial figures than any other and is the only one posing profile (looking to the side).  Considering his villainy, could this be a subtle hint to a horror portrait?

What does it mean?
The poster takes advantage of our familiarity its characters.  It adds mystery by hiding information.  The characters are one piece to a bigger picture, just as the posters belong to a set.  But it may be a sign of hubris.  Most all of us know “Star Wars” and realize The Last Jedi is part 2 of a trilogy.  It doesn’t need to show anything more to get your ticket money.  It also displays a text on body, common in many posters.

Have we seen this before?
Thor: Ragnarok produced a large number of characters, both hero and villain, in veiled hero poses.  The background is obscured in smeared color.  Much of their body is missing or disguised.  There is no hints about the story and like The Last Jedi, poses text on body.  The only one posing hints of exception is Thor.  At first glimpse, the background is drawn in a swatch of color, yet we notice a bright light and a shape that could describe the inside of an arena.  He stands defiant, even defying the text that overlays at his feet.  The mighty Thor poses closer to a hero alone.



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